“Love in Bedlam” Character Bios: TeRoMa

Welcome, dear lonely hearts!  Or bruised hearts.  Welcome to TeRoMa, mental sanctuary for the love foolish!  We hope to have your company in this, our fourth revolution!  In this letter, you will find out about our excellent doctors: Naimee Tudor and Clark Marcella.  You will also find out about the building picked by our purveyors of anti-anguish.  Lastly, you will find out about you.  Or rather, the tragic ones in need for TeRoMa.  We hope that after reading this, you’ll find that this is the perfect place to begin the healing process.  However, all of this started as an idea between two, so let us learn more about our doctors, shall we?

Say hello to our doctors, Naimee Tudor and Clark Marcella.  Both have doctorates in psychology (developmental and clinical, respectively) and are more than qualified to handle such a mending task.  Dr. Tudor has spent most of her recent years learning about the macro, about how people interact with each other.  Dr. Marcella has been her opposite in every positive way, learning about the internal workings of the mind.  Together, they make an unstoppable team in the fight against tormented hearts!  They met in a way most of you are familiar with, over the internet.  Both were looking for someone to partner with and make the world more pleasant for the wounded.  Now, at the beginning of the fourth revolution of TeRoMa, they continue on their neverending quest!  But one can’t heal without a roof overhead, so let’s find out more about where your healing will take place.

Located in Lansing, IL, TeRoMa sits on the fourth floor in the office building near the corner of Torrence Ave and Thorton/Lansing Rd.  Unconventional, yes, but TeRoMa is far from typical!  Our doctors work slightly outside of what’s expected of their profession, and as such, had to look for non-hospital locations to proceed with their work.  Although both live on the northern side of Chicago, they have no problem with making the commute everyday to help you, dear patient.
TeRoMa takes up half of the entire fourth floor, with one way in or out.  Once you take the elevator up, you’re introduced to what the doctors call “The Gates”, or a sort of lobby.  They feel that special names for areas make things more personal, and the patients from the previous three revolutions agree!  To your immediate right and left are Omote (oe-MOE-tay) and Ura (OO-rah).  The Japanese believe in “the public face” and “the private face”, something our doctors have taken to heart.  Omote is the main room, and Ura is the therapy room.
Ura has only one adjoining room, Absence (our doctors’ office).  Omote is the heart of TeRoMa, where all the other rooms connect and one of three rooms with windows overlooking beautiful Lansing.  So many things get stuffed and forgotten in the closet which is why it’s jokingly called “The Void”.  There was another name for it, but its nickname has stuck around since the second revolution (and you know what they say about nicknames).  Next to The Void is The Pot: the kitchen where the bubbling cauldron sits.  Figuratively, of course.
Across from The Void and The Pot are Madam and Racecar, the bedrooms.  TeRoMa is a unisex establishment for eight patients at a time, and our doctors thought that there’d be an even ratio of males and females.  The past revolutions, however, have been estrogen-only.  Maybe there’ll be a few vials of testosterone willing to reveal their broken hearts this time around.  Lastly, there’s the W.C., which should speak for itself.  With such a place, it’d be criminal to have no one take advantage, so let’s talk about the potential you.

Patients are chosen after an interview process between both doctors at separate times.  They have to know how genuine your heartbreak is… you can’t imagine how many people try to abuse the process.  Since treatment is free, many disgusting human beings try to take advantage by faking heartache.  But that’s not you, is it?  TeRoMa is an in-patient treatment, meaning that you live there for as long as your treatment lasts.  And your treatment lasts as long as you need it to.  What the treatment is exactly is a secret.  We can say, at least, that each week has themed days (Billy and Emeralda, Applebox Sitdown, Milo Day, Imagination Elation, Pinch and Sneeze, Rotterdam, and Rywah) that are randomized beginning every Sunday.

After reading this, hopefully you’ll find that TeRoMa is right for you.


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