“Lost, Found”

A short story I wrote recently to get the brain a-chuggin’.

I: An Abstract

First science took away the reason for prayer, then it confirmed that we’re astrally alone.  Maybe the sundry sects of humanity will learn to cope, or lose themselves to their hubris.

II: The Crying Deists

Why, the deists wondered, has it come to this?  The agnosts have taken this too far.  Their beliefs have done nothing but good for the world, and continue to do so.  They’ve only politely suggested that the agnosts and theirs listen to them.  But if this will silence them, so be it.
At last, the agnosts shouted, it’ll be over soon!  The deists are too mad with power.  Almost every war and social malady can be traced back to holistics.  They waste no time in protesting and decimating anything that doesn’t agree with their morals, and even those are in fashion.  Finally, The Big Question can be answered.
The bloody debate between religion and lack of it has escalated to insane levels.  However, science and religion have found a way to end it once and for all.  Years of research and billions of dollars have created a machine that can peer into the ether, or lack thereof.  A distant child of the MRI, bred to give the absolute truth… no matter who its master is.  But if it can be proved that there’s no afterlife, the basis of many religions fall apart.
The machine wasn’t given a name by either side: neither wanted a name for their great destroyer.  Ominous and buzzing it stood from fresh earth to blue sky.  Religious and rationalist hands hesitated at first, but they eventually reached for the lever together.  The honest panels opened and they saw emptiness.  Everything can be realized with the right device.

III: The Puzzled Agnosts

Some were sore, and some were humble, but agnosts across the planet celebrated in their victory.  Deist denials, heartaches, and suicides erupted and burned for seemingly ages.  Then they retreated and found comfort in other things.  Agnost pride felt the need to answer more questions.  The other Big Question: “Are we alone?”
A side-effect of the machine was that unbelievable technological advances were made.  One, with the right tinkering, allowed for spaceships to be propelled with what can only be described as whip-propulsion.  After a few years, proper spacecrafts and galaxy map courses were prepared.  Good-byes were said and fleets were launched.  Agnosts confidently flew through the cosmos to find Their Answer.
As a defense mechanism, each ship has tucked away a last-resort defense against potential invading threats: a specially-engineered version of the Ebola virus.  All things become more refined in time, and locks are no exception.  One of the maiden ships had the misfortune of their lock coming undone, making the inside of that ship perfectly fatal for thousands of years.  Because the hyper-Ebola can even find its way through spacesuits, no one can enter the ship.  So “The Mistake” is left as a sort of beacon for the planet.
As humanity wove through the universe, it relayed messages back to Earth of progress.  Because of relativity, time passes differently on ships than at home, and moreso the farther away home becomes.  What seems like months for travelers is at least years for the earthbound.  It took millennia but humans have come to find that they’re the only pebble in a gigantic pond.  Everything can be realized with the right device.

IV: Earth

Once the absolute truth was revealed, the panic was spread.  Depression took hold and sorrow was the breath.  Some deists came from their hermitude.  They came with open arms and tried comforting the agnosts.  “Now your god’s dead, too.”
Anger from both sides clamored at this supposed peace offering.  “How DARE our deist brethren and sistren try to make life better for those who razed our religions to reality.”  “We agnosts must be pretty stupid to not see the jagged knife waiting for our backs.”  However, all parties involved saw that they’re in it together now.  In theological and cosmic solitude, they must find happiness with one another.
With their perverse hunger for gods and companionship sated, humanity looked at Earth and was horrified.  A new lust was brewing: one to repair their negligence.  The toxic waters, the mutated sky, the tormented fauna, the miserable flora.  Their selfishness to and from each other had made something beautiful into a repulsive sphere.  It took time but things like post-industrial stalagmites and stalactites disappeared, and a sort of happiness was created.
One day, humanity realized that what they created was too magnificent to be taken away by time and a collapsing star.  Their aptitude would not and could not allow for such a thing.  So, over time, they sealed their planet away from all things, “The Mistake” floating lonesomely away.  Everything can be realized with the right device.


2 Responses to ““Lost, Found””

  1. Excellent. A unique look at the constant bickering between believers and non-belivers and what would happen if both truths were found to be false.

    • Thanks. When we’re tots, we’re told to clean our rooms before we go anywhere, and we tend to figuratively forget that (literally, if you know about hoarders). I just think we could get a lot more done if we focus on what’s at our right and left as opposed to the skies.

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