My First Making-Of Podcast: “Everything’s Starting Milhouse”

Spare 20 minutes and listen to me talk about conceptualizing my first novel, “Love! in Bedlam”.  Thanks a bunch.


4 Responses to “My First Making-Of Podcast: “Everything’s Starting Milhouse””

  1. I just finished listening to this first podcast and the discussion about your writing process made me think of this:

    I know it has been passed around the internet, quite a bit, and I realize that writing by a set of “rules” can sometimes take the fun out of writing something that is uniquely you own, but there are some pretty interesting tips about the writing process from some story writers at Pixar. It seems like they were written with screenwriting in mind, but many of the tips also apply pretty well for any kind of story writing. For me, taking on large story driven projects seem daunting, but these tips might make the whole process go more smoothly. I hope this helps and can’t wait to hear more.

    • I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll take care of that in the morn. I have seen “The Sweatbox”. Have you?

      • I haven’t seen the doc, but I’m familiar with the practice. Is it any good? Not sure what the main focus of the film is, I’ll look it up later as I’m not at home, but I studied animation in college and have seen and read a lot about the Disney and Pixar studio processes past and present.

      • It’s great. It’s an uncensored view into the making of “Emperor’s New Groove”. Disney felt that it showed the company in a negative light so they decided not to release it. I guess it got put online a few months ago because something expired. A lot of that’s been happening lately.

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