This Week’s Short Story: “AAAA”

“I got into a fight with my landlord today.”

“About what?”



“Yeah, she said that Asians were great workers and I called bullshit.”


“Because that’s racist.”

“But it’s great to be a hard-worker.”

“You’re racist, too?”

“No, I’m saying that it’s ok to–”

“Then you’re racist.”

“How is saying a good thing racist?”

“Asians are all short and hate women.”

“What the fuck?  That’s out of line!”


“Because that’s fucking rude and bigotted!”

“But it’s a stereotype.”

“Full of bile!”

“So a bad stereotype is bad and a good stereotype is good?”

“Yeah.  No…  Y-yeah.”

“Why is it ok whether my generalization is bad or not?  Walking out into the world everyday and making assumptions about everyone is horrid, no matter which prism I look through.”

“Yeah, but saying something that’s generically good can’t be bad.”

“You come across an Asian.  Let’s call her… ‘Atypical’.  Aty has a physical condition that doesn’t allow her to do much labor.”


“Someone asks our Aty to help carry a few bags up a few flights of stairs.  She says she can’t because of her lungs.  ‘Lazy bitch.  Asians are supposed to be hardworking.  You’re shaming whichever god you pray to.'”

“‘You’re shaming whichever god you pray to’?”

“There’re 5,000 deities getting service around the world.  Like I’m gonna know which one she chose.”

“Aren’t you being racist?  What if she’s atheist?”


5 Responses to “This Week’s Short Story: “AAAA””

  1. LOL you’re a goof.

  2. This sounds like an argument I would have just because.
    Really nice, after reading Rebecca’s and this I’m ready for a drink.

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