This Week’s Podcast: “All the Fucks Are in Escrow”

I wanted to have more to talk about in the making-of portion of the podcast, so this week will be interview-only with bubbling screenwriter, Marcus Harmon.


One Response to “This Week’s Podcast: “All the Fucks Are in Escrow””

  1. Just got around to listening to the new podcast. I’m curious to know the role Marcus will play in the animation portion of the project. Does he draw or animate or is he just the writer of the project looking for someone to do the animation. Either way I have two more book suggestions, probably more relevant to him than the Bill Plympton book: Animation Writing and Development by Jean Ann Wright and Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive by David B Levy. I’ve read both of these books and continue to use them as resources. The first one will probably be especially helpful as it talks about how to write for animation, for particular audiences, how to present and pitch your ideas and who to present and pitch them to. David B Levy’s book is cool, because it talks about all the career paths involved in animation. He also talks about networking and selling your ideas. Oh, and he has a cool list of resources in the back of the book: Grants, organizations, festivals, etc.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your writing process for Love! in Bedlam.

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