This Week’s Podcast… and My First Text-Based Interview

Firstly, the business: “Ridicule is Nothing to be Scared of”.

And now, the pleasure.  This week’s interview is with Becca of Lady or Not.  I didn’t know much about the mind of a blogger (outside of my LiveJournal days… we don’t need to talk about those) so it was great to ask one a few questions.  I hope you learn a few things and giggle a bit.  Thanks again, Becca.

Me:  What’s your favorite word?

Becca:  “Favorite“…  I wrote about that.  It causes me all sorts of consternation.

Me:  What turns you on?  Not in the sexual way, but things that get your interest.

Becca:  Mostly people.  I have always been drawn to the human spirit.  Thus, if you notice my writing is mostly about interacting with others. If I could become close to everyone I would.  The problem is that isn’t easy.

Me:  What about the human spirit is so intriguing to you?

Becca:  Everyone has a story.  They change to mold what society find acceptable.  The problem is that often they are not showing their authentic self.  I like to see pass all their filters and see them as a unique person.

Me:  The Japanese believe that everyone has a private face (“ura” = OO-rah) and a public face (“omate” = OH-mah-tay).  Do you think people focus too much on separating faces?

Becca:  Yes, but I believe there is another one, inner face.

Me:  What’s the difference between the three?

Becca:  People have the tendency to use me as their walking confessional.  I have to shop with a headset in just so strangers don’t walk up and talk to me, if I am in a hurry.  They often take off their masks.  They show their public face which is what they want to say to the world.  The private face, what they show to friends and family.  I often get to see their inner face, the parts of them that they are afraid to reveal.  (I.e., porn, in love, hurting from the past, not comfortable in their skin, etc).  This is what inspired a Becca-ism about being an emotional tampon.  #1634.

Me:  For the newbies, explain the number.

Becca:  I make them up.  Whatever number comes to mind when I am typing.  Numbers are infinite, so my Becca-isms can be as well.

Me:  Has it always been that way with you and people?  Being an emotion magnet?  Or maybe privacy magnet.

Becca:  Emotional tampon. 😉  Yes, it has.  As I have gotten older it gets more and more common.

Me:  Emotional tampon, sorry.  (#1634)  What sort of things have people randomly confided in you?  Or is that too personal?

Becca:  Oh no.  I had a man confess to robbing a bank once.  I have had many confess to affairs.  I have had people come out of the closet to me (which I don’t feel should even have to happen).  People have even told me they don’t floss. Mostly people are looking to connect to someone.  Something about me says they can.

Me:  The rack that the government wants.  They see it as a great interrogation tool.

Becca:  Indeed. You can’t compete with this.

Me:  What about coming out of the closet to you don’t you feel should have to happen?

Becca:  I feel people should be able to be who they are as soon as they know.  They should have to hide it until some great revelation.  I didn’t have to come out as a heterosexual.

Me:  What turns you off?

Becca:  Maliciousness.

Me:  Is that ever justified?

Becca:  Never.

Me:  Why do you think people resort to it?

Becca:  To protect their hearts.  Anger is only an emotion used to cover other feelings.  Lashing out is an extension of anger.

Me:  Is anger ever justified?

Becca:  Yes.  Most people that are religious in any way would tell you that even God got angry.  I am angry when children are hurt.  I am angry with selfish desires.  The need to hurt others with evil desires doesn’t help the world.

Me:  Would your anger ever turn malicious?

Becca:  No. I have had moments in my life where I wanted revenge but it isn’t in my nature.  I usually just let it go.  I have seen the worst of the worst in my life and I won’t repeat those patterns.

Me:  Being an emotional tampon, are you self-cleaning or does confiding take its toll?

Becca:  On occasion it takes its toll.  If it is someone I know and love and they need to lean heavy on me. Mostly though, I just learn to let it go. I am not one to carry stress as a badge of honor.

Me:  What sound do you love?

Becca:  Laughter from others.  I don’t me a soft chuckle but a roaring I can’t hold it in I laugh from my belly and snort/fart because I am having such a great time, type of laugh.

Me:  What sound do you hate?

Becca:  A baby crying.
Me:  Why?

Becca:  Because the sound represents need to me.  I want to take care of everyone.  I swear, if I hear a baby crying in a grocery store I want to find the baby and rescue him/her.

Me:  Swoop down from the rafters like Batman or Spider-Man?

Becca:  Ummm…neither.  Wonder Woman.

Me:  What’s your favorite curse word?

Becca:  I don’t think I have one.  I like to say “friggin’“ a lot but most wouldn’t consider that a curse word.  I use them in my writing but I don’t really in my daily life…well, unless I am having sex.

Me:  What profession other than yours would you like to try?

Becca:  Well as I technically don’t have a profession, as I am a stay-at-home mom whose kids go to school and write for no money, I would go back to being a sales person.  Or possibly an agent for writers.

Me:  What did you like about being a sales person?

Becca:  I was very successful.  As my job was wholesale, it was more about making relationships with people than selling.  I am still in touch with many of my customers 11 years later.

Me:  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Becca:  “Howdy.”

Me:  Let’s go to the conception of Lady or Not.  You told me the story of its name but share with everyone else.

Becca:  I started writing on a message board and my writing became very popular.  The site decided to get rid of its writing section to share with others.  Then I found a blogging site.  I grew in popularity there and was considering branching out on my own.  Then one day I was having a love affair with my bed and woke up from a dream with the title of the blog.  “Lady or Not… Here I Come!”  After that, there was no stopping me.  I started it four months ago today.

Me:  So this is a sorta anniversary interview.  Groovy.  What sort of things did you write on the board?

Becca:  Indeed.  I wrote things about my life.  Daily anecdotes.

Me:  How long were you on that site?

Becca:  I think almost three years.

Me:  And the blogging site?

Becca:  I started there December 4th almost a year ago.

Me:  Was the love affair with your bed one-sided?

Becca:  Yes.  The problem with the bed is I try to avoid it, but once I get a taste of my bed’s embrace, I don’t want to leave.

Me:  What brought you to the message board?

Becca:  A friend was active there and she wanted me to support her.

Me:  Does she still write or have you overshadowed her?

Becca:  We are no longer friends. That is a long story but I wish her the best.  If it was not for her, I wouldn’t have started writing.  I try to avoid the drama thing though.

Me:  It’d be nice if everyone did.  Alas, reality TV…

Becca:  Amen to that

Me:  What’re your top five films?

Becca:  See this question. I don’t know.  I am currently sitting in my bi-level media room with a screen and projector in the front row in recliners. It is safe to say I like movies.  If you asked me comedy I would say “Wedding Crashers” and “The Hangover“.  If you ask me Drama I would say, “Life is Beautiful“. Chick flicks: “Dirty Dancing” and “Pretty Woman”. So the list goes on and on.

Me:  I think the understatement of the century is that I like films, so I know what you mean.

Becca:  We seem to have some similarities.

Me:  Not with chick flicks, but I have the perfect chromosome excuse.

Becca:  Yes.  Well mostly they annoy me, but those two… Sigh.

Me:  What about them makes you regrettably love them?

Becca:  I think because they both star strong women.  Not the actresses but the storyline both had women who were not perfect but were relatable.

Me:  I had to grow up watching them because my mother did, so I have the blandest opinion of them… but I can probably quote them from beginning to end and sing every song on their soundtracks.  So.  Enough of that chick stick.  Top five action films.

Becca:  Hmmm, I tend to like action hero ones.  But there are too many to name.  Other than that, I can’t think of any but that doesn’t mean there are not plenty I have enjoyed.

Me:  Schwarzenegger, Stallone, or Willis?

Becca:  I did like the Die Hard films and the Terminator films, and I did like “Con Air“.

Me:  Hey, Nicolas Cage isn’t in the line-up.

Becca:  I know.  I can’t stand him but I like several of his films.

Me:  “Face/Off”?

Becca:  “Face/Off” was awesomeness.

Me:  Ok, we can still be friends.

Becca:  🙂

Me:  I noticed you haven’t said anything about Stallone.

Becca:  Yeah, I find him super-annoying. I also can’t stand Segal.  I have a theater background so I am picky.

Me:  Which is your favorite Die Hard?

Becca:  Ummm… I have seen them all once.  Yes I like them but not THAT much. My favorite movie genre is psychological thrillers. Edward Norton is a genius. I have a mad crush on Keyser Söze.

Me:  Get your frustrated face ready: “Primal Fear”, “American History X”, or “Fight Club”?

Becca:  “Primal Fear“, “American History X“, and then “Fight Club“. Well he was best in AHX. But I liked “Primal Fear” best because it was one of the few that I didn’t know the ending in the first 20 min of the movie.

Me:  Quick story about “Primal Fear”.  When Richard Gere goes into the bar and hears the music and is given the CD… that was pretty much me after I saw “Primal Fear”.  The album’s pretty good.  Dulce Pontes’ “Lagrimas”.

Becca:  I don’t know that album.  I bet it is good.  I want to see the film again soon.

Me:  What other psychological thrillers do you like?

Becca:  Mostly ones that I didn’t know the ending.  The first time I saw “Sixth Sense” and “Fallen“. I like things that are not obvious.  I tend to naturally see huge holes in plots.

Me:  You mentioned having a theatre background.  Talk a bit more about that.

Becca:  When I was a little girl I always felt a draw to the theater. I liked the idea of it, acting out what was in someone’s head.  I would perform in some church plays, etc.  When I was in high school, I started acting, stage managing, directing, etc. Then as an adult I have written some short skits and monologues that have been performed in smaller crowds of a few hundred.

Me:  What plays have you directed?

Becca:  Honestly?  I don’t remember.  I remember more clearly what I acted in.  Is that sad?  Interesting enough I prefer to direct and write plays than act in them. The most recent one was a two act play about a strange family at Christmas but the name escapes me.  I need to ask one of the actors.  (hangs head in shame)

Me:  What’s your favorite role?

Becca:  I like to be in the background.  I loved being in the musical “Auntie Mame“.  I can’t sing, but the show was greatness.  When you’re a back up singer or part of a party you have no pressure. KWIM.  I also loved being in in “Our Town” because the show is so bare bones.

Me:  What character or character type would you like to do?

Becca:  I don’t know.  I like to write more than act but the more mentally out there the character is the more fun it is to become.

Me: What does “KWIM” mean?

Becca: “Know What I Mean”.

Me:  Oh, me and not knowing acronyms…

Becca:  Becca on my blog is the ultimate role. I am me.  I don’t go by Becca with those that know me.  I set it up that way.  But not telling you what friends and family call me. My name IS Rebecca, so I went with “Becca”.

Me:   Pennames are great and I hide firmly behind mine.  What sort of things do you like to write (comedies, dramas, and the like)?

Becca:  I like to write comedies 😉

Me:  Have you seen “Noises Off”?

Becca:  No.

Me:  It’s a great behind-the-scenes of a play.  As in, literally behind the scenes.  Most of the story takes place behind the stage.

Becca:  I was once a stagemanager/director of a play within a play within a play about a murder.

Me:  What was that like?  Being the manager/director, and the play?

Becca:  Well, I wasn’t in the play other than making sure there was an understudy. But doing the directing/stagemanaging has it quirks. People relate to you different.  Like you’re the boss. So a few kiss your butt, a few hate you for telling them they are not doing their jobs, etc.

Me:  I plan on doing everything under the sun as an entertainer, and working on stage is definitely something I’d like to do often.  More writing and directing because I don’t wanna commit to the same role for potentially months.  I think stage is great because it’s that halfway point between a novel and a film.  You see people doing things but most of what you see is in your imagination.

Becca:  Right, it takes a totally different talent to do stage than film. Some can cross, but if you love the theater and you just don’t want to be a star, it doesn’t matter.

Me:  Do you still follow the stage scene?

Becca:  Not as much since I moved a year ago. Writing is where my passion has settled.

Me:  What plays would you suggest people should see?

Becca:  Well I like Shakespeare and classics like “Death of a Salesman”, “The Importance of Being Earnest“, “Our Town”.

Me:  I’ve been meaning to pick up a book with the complete works of Oscar Wilde for a few months now.

Becca:  I love Oscar Wilde.  “Dorian Gray” is my favorite of his books.

Me:  What’s the worst thing someone could call you?

Becca:  Uncaring.  Apathetic.

Me:  What motivates you?

Becca:  Again, my love for people.  It is such a strong draw.

Me:  If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?

Becca:  Caramel with toffee and cookie dough.

Me:  That’s rather specific.

Becca:  🙂 I like what I like.  And I am a cook.

Me:  Was that off the top of your head or do you have a carton of it tucked away somewhere?

Becca:  The top of my head because now I am rethinking. Cakebatter, with swirls of caramel toffee and cookie dough.

Me:  Would you rather invent something everyone uses or a song everyone hums?

Becca:  Something everyone uses.  That means I made their life a little easier.

Me:  What would you want your legacy to be?

Becca:  To touch the world with laughter and love.


13 Responses to “This Week’s Podcast… and My First Text-Based Interview”

  1. Great job! I will link this tomorrow for everyone to read. I will link on twitter today and facebook too.

  2. I really enjoyed this interview.
    I’m not sucking up to Becca, but I really like how she rolls.
    Great interview Dark.
    I also enjoyed the podcast, I don’t usually rush it to watch a movie of a book I’ve read, rarely lives up to my expectations, but if I wait I sorta accept what is missing, however, I make an exception with Agatha Christie’s novels, I read one and rush it to watch the adaptation.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t read or watched any Agatha Christie, unless you count her episode of “Doctor Who”. I have nothing against her, it’s because I have many distractions and don’t know where to start with her work. Which two novels would you suggest?

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  4. Rodysseus Says:

    Excellent interview!

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