I’m a Published Author Now and This is Proof

My short story, “Blame Me”, was chosen to be in the short story anthology “Strange World” and now, you can buy an e-book edition.  Being an anthology, there’re other authors with short stories of their own waiting to be experienced by the world so you’d be helping out a lot.  Or you could complain about bad stories while sipping Schlitz and screaming at your cat (poor, Mr. Bojangles…).  But seriously, give “Strange World” a chance.  Thanks a bunch.


2 Responses to “I’m a Published Author Now and This is Proof”

  1. alicebrook1502 Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve only received rejection letters so far, but the good thing is they’re quite positive – they all say my characters are well developed, but that I need to work on my plots a bit more. Plus, I usually have no idea how to classify my stories and I’m probably submitting to wrong magazines :/

    • Thanks. I know all about the woes of trying to classify stories. Thinking about it now, maybe that’s a problem these days. Not trying to find a classification, but the need to classify. I’m sure there’re lots of great stories out there that become lesser because the creator has to alter them to fit a genre.

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