I keep saying that I wanna get back into drawing, especially since there’s an eventual comic in my future (my version of Batman involving the female-only island of Chicago where the police use magic), but I wanna get back into drawing.  I have a cross-legged drawing that I probably won’t finish, but I have to get back into the habit of drawing routinely.  I was a drawing fiend, kids.  Drawing.  Fiend.  But I got distracted by distractions no longer in my life.  The only problem is finding time.  So, like these Monday blogs and Friday stories and nightly exercises, methinks I’ll start doing Wednesday drawings.  I don’t wanna say this Wednesday (but it may be).  Definitely before the end of the year.  I wanna do drawings of folk (my bread and butter) and also small comic strips since I need to learn myself some sequential art discipline.  Plus, it’s always good to challenge myself.


3 Responses to “P.S.”

  1. I would love to see the drawings.

  2. Sorry, I’m about a week behind on my blog reading. The best way to get back into the habit of drawing is to carry a sketchbook around with you. Just get into the habit of using it whenever you find yourself sitting around. When you are on the train or bus, draw; when you’re in a waiting room, draw; before the previews at a movie theater, draw; sitting around watching tv, draw; on lunch break at work, draw. Also, you can use the sketch book to jot down other ideas and notes that come to you throughout the day.

    • I’m slowly weaning myself onto drawing again, like I’ve done with writing. A drawing a week, then whenever I feel like it. The trick is to convince myself to finish a drawing, which is going well so far. I have a fun idea for Wednesday.

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