This Week’s Lack of a Short Story

So I had this GREAT short story prepared for this week.  Something actiony that I was very proud of.  Lots of gunplay.  A gun ballet, if you will.  Then I checked the news today and saw that this wouldn’t be the best time for everyone to get excited about guns.  It’s not a censorship thing.  I’m aware that I’m building an audience and as such, my potential audience who might love a good gun battle might pass over my short story.  And I can’t think of a decent story in time.  So, accept my apology and look forward to next week.  It won’t be the action story.  Not because I’d think it’s in bad taste, but because I have next week’s story planned and I need to write it before I don’t care.


4 Responses to “This Week’s Lack of a Short Story”

  1. Looking forward for your story.
    I think it’s a good call, you never know, these thing can backfire on you, no pun intended.

    • I wouldn’t make this decision if I was more established because a lot of people would know that if I published a short story about guns a-bang-bang the day a shooting happened, it wouldn’t be because I was taking advantage of the situation somehow. Or glorifying a tragedy. Not quite now. If I did it now, I’d more than likely look like the guy rubbing himself down in peanut butter licking razor blades.

      • Wellm I’ve been blogging (this blog) for 7 months and I still get “problems” with people getting offended just because. I get your point, but when it comes to readership we never play it safe, although with subjects like that and under the circumstances is even harder, in the other hand, who knows that you are American. You could be Australian and this tragedy would be still a tragedy but would be seen differently.
        Anyhow, I’m mixing up things.

      • Oh, me and safe don’t mix well. Not with the stories I have planned. But I know which battles to fight. I know that at some point, I’m gonna get berated for violence, but I want it done for the right reasons. I wanna get accosted because I have a disturbing bit of violence in a thought-provoking story that a lot of folk aren’t ready for, not because I have a fun gun-centric story that I chose to release the day of a shooting.

        But this is all from the perspective of the unestablished artist. Once I’m established, I won’t care as much because my reputation will show that I’m not perverse. I’ll have perversions in my stories and films and songs, yes, but they’ll come from a rational place. Why is it important for me to not be seen as perverse? The crowd it attracts, mostly. I’m all for a motley fanbase, but I’d like to not get legions of cat heads on sticks wrapped in newspaper.

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