And Now, For Something Complete Different

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted anything on Mondays for a while.  That’s because I haven’t been working on “Love! in Bedlam” as much as I would’ve liked, then stopped working on “Love! in Bedlam”, then started working on “Lie”.  Even made a new banner for it.  Why would I, after being so gung-ho about everything “Bedlam”, put it away after being so close to getting things moving in a big way?  Well, that’s part of the fun of blogs.  You get to read about some interesting things.  Like so.

A big reason why I stopped writing “Bedlam” is that it was like writing a diary.  I was dumping far too many personal things in there than I was comfortable with, and I started noticing that.  I’m not an entertainer who creates personal things.  As in, open diaries.  Everything I create is personal, but in the… “this means a lot to me and I don’t really care if you like it because I did it for me so fuck off” sense.  Because “Bedlam” felt like me dumping my dirty laundry in public, it started feeling like a chore every time I decided to work on it.  I still feel strange looking at the notecards I have posted.  I’m all for hard work but I have the hardest time getting interested in something that doesn’t interest me, and that’s putting it lightly.  “Bedlam” stopped being interesting.  I still wanna write it, or aspects of it.  I don’t wanna let go of Naimee because she was turning into such an interesting character, and there were some good things in it that can exist without being a diary entry.  Another reason for no “Bedlam” is, and this might sound silly, that it wasn’t Gothic.  It was very much a real-world story and I’m much more comfortable in black cloaks dripping in malaise.  “Bedlam” also wasn’t a first-story.  With how all over the place it was, it shouldn’t have been the world’s introduction to me.

So why “Lie”?  It started out as a half-page film idea.  A female-only drama that becomes something else around its second half.  I wrote a few ideas down that put it in a place where I could walk away from it comfortably and, a year ago, I did.  Then two things happened: “Love! in Bedlam” started losing its fire and I watched the trailer for the “Evil Dead” remake.  I’m a huge “Evil Dead” fan and I was PISSED when I saw the trailer.  Long story short: I’m not a champion of remakes.  However, I’m all for things that’re inspired by others, as long as you don’t end up creating a clone.  While I saw red, I felt the need to put “Bedlam” away and work on something tout de suite.  And I remembered “Lie”.  It’s fun to rage-write something that’s not a Live Journal or Post Secret entry.  Something else I forgot to mention about “Bedlam” is that it wasn’t a predominantly-female story and one of the things I told myself is that I wanted most of my stories to have women as at least the majority.  “Lie” is also something that I could write quickly, which was very important to me.

What can I say about “Lie”?  Well, it was sickeningly easy to come up with a lot of things for it.  An amusing thing is how it slowly became English.  I knew that I wanted it to take place in a cabin, which became a cottage.  And I knew that I wanted the cottage to have a name, which became Dragonspire.  Something about the name “Dragonspire” made my brain suddenly become an Anglophile because the four characters’ names became Quinevere, Veronique, Idette, and Fantine and Dragonspire is close to a (made-up) town called Edithshire.  And so on.  “Lie” is… about a group of four gals who go to a family cottage for a getaway, and the getaway is revealed to be because one of them is pregnant and doesn’t know what to do with the baby.  There’s a lot more to it, but that’s a nifty summary.  The title, “Lie”, is interesting because it doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening with the characters: it’s about the tone.  The characters are exciting because, unlike “Bedlam”, I chose to refer to existing people instead of leaving it to the reader’s imagination.  Veronique looks like a matronly Eva Green with a salt-and-pepper (heavy on the pepper) pixie cut, Idette looks like Olivia Thirlby with copper Grecian hair, Quinevere looks like Shirley Henderson with peroxide-white hair, and Fantine looks like Jodelle Ferland with a shaggy bob.  It’s so exciting to be able to see them, and Dragonspire, so vividly in my head, which wasn’t the case in “Bedlam”.

My original idea for this week was to lock myself in a hotel room and write what I could.  It sounded great up until last night.  It was a great idea for “Love! in Bedlam”, but “Lie” is a story that requires me to be at home.  I dunno how to elaborate without turning into Doc Brown with an easel.  Something that’s sorta carried over is the music mindset.  “Love! in Bedlam” was quite into dance music, but “Lie” is a much more mellow, New Age sort of thing.  It’s been hard listening to nothing but New Age music because I’m so used to dance music, but it’s helped enormously.  Ditto watching particular films.  Usually, I’ll watch anything.  Except modern comedies and chick flicks.  But for “Lie”, I’ve been mostly watching female-oriented dramas.  That doesn’t sound strange but it’s very for me.  I’m used to taking inspiration from anything and everything, but that’s not working with “Lie”.  I have to have a very strict… I guess, diet because it’s demanding a different part of my creative brain.  And it’s always fun to be challenged.

Well, I’m off to write history.


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