“Lie” Book Cover (tentative?)

I wanted something simple, just a drawing and some text. It was originally gonna be all the characters in the living room of Dragonspire, but I quickly focused on just the head of Quinevere. Then just the face.

A lot of thought than you’d think went into the layout. The design of the title was set a while ago, but where everything went was a jumble. I knew that I wanted the title up top. Then it was whether or not I wanted the credit above or below the drawing. Then whether I wanted the title off-center or not. Then wanting a red strip like on the site’s header. Then wanting an ornate border. Then trying to figure out what kind. Then trying to figure out where. Then seeing how a red border would look like under the white one. Then getting rid of the strip and border. Then wanting to do something with the edges of the drawing. Then deciding to make the entire drawing look decrepit. Then giving up on red.

It was interesting, giving up on red and settling into something so simple. I’m used to layers upon layers in my Photoshop things, but the story wants a certain simplicity. Red looked very out of place with everything and I should be mopey, but Dragonspire is surrounded by SO much red flora that I’m ok with none on the cover.


2 Responses to ““Lie” Book Cover (tentative?)”

  1. I have so much to catch up on your blog.
    I saved the short stories so I can read them on the train ride tomorrow.
    I really like this cover design

    • Thanks for staying committed, and I’m glad you enjoy the cover. I wouldn’t get too attached to that sample chapter I wrote, if you haven’t read it yet. But, good news, there’ll be a new sample chapter for everyone to embrace tomorrow. AND I’m sticking with the novel, so there won’t be any new sample first chapters to read for a long time.

      Where are you headed?

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