“The Break-Up”

I took a break from writing “Lie” today to write this short story.  Felt great to be able to finish a story so quickly.  Well, back to the mines.  ::skips away::

    The quarter-moon’s light dances on suburban rooftops.  One in particular, of an abandoned warehouse, is shaded by two women.  Bethany and Farrah.  Friends since before they could spell it.  No secret too wild, no obstacle too mighty.  One of the happiest moments of their lives was when they came out to each other.  Years ago, on this same rooftop.  Farrah first, then Bethany tearily immediately after.  And then they were both in tears.  Crying because they didn’t have to hide their Sapphic nature from each other, then laughing because they thought they had to hide.  They were on this particular roof because Farrah didn’t want to live if Bethany hated her after revealing her delicate truth, and this roof towered above the streetlights.  Even if Bethany hated her friend, she would’ve followed her into that final sleep.

The years since have been kinder to Farrah than Bethany, but their friendship never faltered.  Farrah’s first relationship was also the one that claimed her virginity.  It had the passion of all first-time things.  So when Amber broke away from her, Farrah was utterly devoted to her misery.  Bethany saw the worst in her friend during that time, horrors she never dreamed possible.  But she helped Farrah turn away from her dark devotion and into the arms of Nadine.
Nadine opened Farrah’s eyes to unthinkable pleasures with her body.  The things you can do with a simple feather or a spur.  Of course, she told Bethany everything, blushing all the while.  They were together for a long time, until a careless driver changed things.  As Nadine was cremated, her lover asked if something could be placed in the flames.  A small velvet box she was gonna surprise her Nadine with soon.  When the burning was finished, all that was left were ashes and a diamond that somehow managed to sparkle.  Farrah couldn’t find the languidness in her heart to spread the remains in their herbal garden, so Bethany relieved her.  The following Spring, the flora was more lush than it ever was.  Farrah couldn’t bring herself to take any leaves, so she planted another garden next to it.
Why, then, has Farrah’s life been better than Bethany’s?  Because the only woman Bethany wanted was her best friend.

Returning to the quarter-moon and the friends under it, Bethany asks if Farrah remembers this place.  “Of course, goofy, I picked it.  Wow, that was…”  “Four years ago.”  Farrah smiles, “Yeah, four years.  I still had that Honda.”  “Oh yeah, the one with the broken passenger seat…”  “Hey, once I figured that I should change the duct tape every month, you stopped sliding.”  “True, true.  It was also a good thing I kept my legs shaved.  It was enough of a bitch to deal with skin getting stuck.”  This sort of conversation is typical of the two, but Bethany seems to be reinforcing it more than usual.  Almost as if she’s trying to brace herself for something.  It appears suddenly, in the form of a kiss.
Farrah slowly backs away and asks her friend, “…what are you doing?”  Bethany, flustered because of her burst of adoration and Farrah’s seeming repulsion, replies, “I love you.”  Hoping that she can diffuse the situation, Farrah says, “I love our friendship, too, Beth.”  “No, I don’t mean that.”  A hurt Farrah whispers, “I know what you mean…”  Farrah continues backing away, but Bethany reaches out, “Wait!  Please just listen.  Please, Farrah.”  Farrah stops and Bethany whimpers, “Please.”
Farrah slowly walks back to her dear friend as Bethany pours her heart out under the moonlight.  “I’ve loved you for a long time.  A long, long time.  And when I first touched… touched…”  Bethany’s hands tighten around the fabric of her skirt, “…you were the only thing I could think of.  I thought you’d eventually see how much I loved you.  I left signs everywhere I could.  But none of them were being a good friend.  I never used my love as a reason to be nice to you, but loving you made helping you the sweetest thing this heart ever tasted.  Farrah, you’re the air I breathe and I… I…”  Farrah stands in front of Bethany, sharing the same breaths.
She’s about to say something, rivulets flowing down her face, when they hear a loud crack.  The roof disappears under them, and they fall asleep for the last time in each other’s arms.


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