First “Purple Party” Drawing

I couldn’t figure out how to make sense of Sauron’s arm no matter how hard I tried, so I stopped. I felt sorry about myself for a few seconds, then inspiration hit as I was listening to a podcast. The creator of “Ren and Stimpy”, John K., was talking about how he wished animation was more ballsy now. I thought the same thing. Then I started thinking about doing a web comic. Nothing in particular, just a web comic.

Then I started thinking about “Ren and Stimpy” and all the cartoons I grew up with and how I missed things like that. The ultraviolent, witty stuff. Then I started thinking about how I wanted to satirize American politics. A pile of paper sat in front of me and I took a sheet and wrote in the upper-left corner “a hardcore Republican woman a hippie man”.

I started drawing her first. I didn’t know what she’d look like, only that she’d have her head up while looking down. I outlined her head a few times but couldn’t figure out why things were off. Once I moved her to the right side of the sheet, things went great. Her eyes came first, then her nose, mouth, and earrings. My original idea was to have them be icicles, to reflect her rigidness, but they didn’t look right. Moved to snowmen and that still didn’t work. I went to her hair and immediately knew that I wanted it in a bun and something stuck in it. I had a little chuckle when I settled on the American flag at half-mast. Her eyes were narrow like that because she was condescending, but then I thought it’d be fun if I made her Asian. With blue contacts and dyed-blonde hair. Her stories pretty much write themselves, in my head. Giving her a mole and red cross earrings was the icing on the cake.

For the guy, I knew I wanted long hair and him smoking a joint. I loved the idea of him being shorter because I love seeing shorter characters in things. Intuitively, I gave him a square head, thick eyebrows, and dotted eyes. If you notice, his hairline is askew. He looked 12 so I gave him the sort of pathetic facial hair you see on a lot of stoners.

Their names came rather quickly. I was gonna give them last names, but cartoon characters in the style I’m shooting for don’t have ’em. What’s the style I’m shooting for? Think old Tom and Jerry cartoons, “Ren and Stimpy”, and old Looney Tunes. Ultraviolent and very un-PC. My goal is to do a web comic every Wednesday. Dunno how long they’ll be or what they’ll be about, but you can expect at least one person to get hurt and a few tightwads to get offended. It’ll be fun. I also won’t be restricted to the visual style I have. Some panels will get super-detailed while others will get even simpler. And don’t get too attached to reality.


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