Sauron In Progress: Part One

I decided that I would try dedicating an entire day to a drawing instead of finishing in around an hour or two. Methinks it’d be a good challenge and a chance for me to level-up. Y’know, to get me into the mindset of drawing periodicals and posters. So I chose something very close to my heart: The Dark Lord of Mordor, Sauron. I also thought it’d be interesting if I showed the drawing in progress throughout the day. I like to see things being built and see what changes happen along the way, if any.

Here’s the original:

Original Sauron Image

And here’s what I have so far:

Sauron's Head


2 Responses to “Sauron In Progress: Part One”

  1. I like it.
    Btw, I read the past few posts on the train, I was way behind, I really enjoyed Meet and Greet, I need an extra dose of it :))

    • Very glad to see you liked it. It’s much like an echo chamber in my head, with only my voice bouncing around, so I’m grateful to hear that a) I’m not crazy for writing and b) the gals are interesting. The second chapter’s coming Friday, then the third next Friday, and that’ll be it until everything’s finished.

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