Well Thought Out Scribbles

This making-of brought to you by Silversun Pickups.

Towards the end of last week, I’ve finally gotten close to finding a proper rhythm for working. I was pretty much there at the beginning of the week, but got derailed severely with drawing last Wednesday that ended up creating “Purple Party”. Up until then, drawing was supposed to take up an hour or two of my day. Since then, I figure it’ll take me a chunk of the day to do a decent “issue”. Anywho, I figured that the best time for me to work is at night, being a nocturnal beast and all. Which essentially means that I’m fucked come Summer. I know that I can get at least two chapters a week done comfortably so I’ll be sticking with that plan. “Purple Party” business gets settled every Wednesday. And I’ll try to fit a short story in Fridays or Saturdays.

I decided that I’m gonna stop posting chapters after the fourth one as opposed to the third one. The thrust of the rest of the novel happens there so it’d be wise of me to share that. The first three chapters have become one long introduction, which is what I wanted. The second half of “Lie” is dependent on how well I get you to care about Quinevere, Fantine, Idette, and Veronique in the first half. But I thought I should show the world for a few reasons. One of them is a plot point (for what passes for a plot in “Lie”), another is a character point, and the last is a me point. I wanted to show that the novel, the characters, and the author are capable of being dramatic as soon as possible so that you know you’re in good hands when I take you where I take you.

Over the weekend, I was pleasantly reminded of why it’s good to take inspiration from anywhere. Up until Saturday, I felt that I had to watch only dramatic, female-led films… which broke one of my major rules. One of the things I talk to people about is to not take inspiration from things you’re creating. Say you’re making an action film. It’d be stupid to watch other action films because you wouldn’t be creating something that’s different or noticeable. I’d suggest that you watch musicals and things as far away from action films as you can get. They’ll do something interesting to you inspiration process and you’ll end up with something better than what you started out with. That doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with a musical action film, but you might end up with an action film that has the most beautifully choreographed action sequences ever. I’d actually like to see an action film inspired by Bob Fosse (NSFW) or Michael Jackson (no, this isn’t “Thriller”). I’ve thus remembered to learn my lesson and am glad to have taken inspiration from “Fight Club”, “Die Hard”, and “Chasing Amy” in ways that aren’t at all obvious.

How I’m finding writing “Lie” is coming along is that I can’t write the current chapter until I can see the following chapter in my head. I suppose I like to see where I’m going so I don’t end up rambling. I heard an author earlier this month talk about how they’d love to write something completely blindly. No planning whatsoever. I’ve done that with my dialogue exercises, but nothing that’d ever be considered a long narrative. Could be fun. At least until it’s time to edit. But there aren’t any rules that say I’d have to edit it, and rules are made to be broken.

I gave myself the goal of finishing “Lie” by the end of February. I figure I’ll start writing quicker once I get to the second half because that’s the most exciting thing about the novel. I’m enjoying the first half and giving it my rapt attention, but it knows its in the way of the second half. The story won’t seem that way, though. The quality won’t drop off and suddenly spike midway. It pays to see the bigger picture.

I’m finding that it’s easier to be personal in this novel than “Love! in Bedlam”. I may have said this before and I’ll probably say this again, but it stands out so much to me that I have to be a broken record about it. Interior things find their way into “Lie” whereas they were forced in “Love! in Bedlam”. It’s amusing to see what finds its way from one to the other and how what’s found changes. Why am I ok with being personal in “Lie” and not “Love! in Bedlam”? Because with the former, it’s keeping in line with inspiration and I’m not going out of my way to fit anything in there. Just as I was inspired by “Die Hard” in a particular way that’s now an inseparable part of “Lie”, some bits of my life are an inseparable part of “Lie”. But they’re buried and hacked in such a way that they won’t seem personal.

It’s easier to write as characters now. Well, I hope it’d be. Everyone’s more solid in my head, particularly Idette and Veronique (the extroverts). The thing about Fantine is that I’m not too worried about being specific with her voice because of her arc. Quinevere’s the least solid, but that’s because she hasn’t had much opportunity to speak. That’ll change in the fourth chapter, though.


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