Notes for “Startuggers”

The inspiration came to me a week or two ago when I was driving at night and thinking about 9/11. A lot of bad came from that day, but one of the few good things was that there was a day without a plane in the sky. It was a clear day, too. It’s a shame that people had to die for it, though. Cut to a night week or two ago. I live relatively close to a few airports so there are points where there’re lots of planes in the sky. There are times when I confuse them for stars because they don’t always have multicolored lights. Then I wondered what if there were beings who moved stars.

My bread and butter will be dark stories, so I thought I’d challenge myself by making a somewhat light story. I also wanted to see if I could make a story about space because I’m not a fan of it. I didn’t feel as dirty as I thought, but it’s not something I wanna do often. There was also a slight want to write something in the vein of Neil Gaiman.

The original name I gave them was “star towers”, but I realized that people would read that as a building made of stars and not a star that was towed. Then I made it “star tugger”. Then I took out the space between them.

All of the notes I made for this short story were stuffed at the top of the sheet of paper I ended up writing the story on. I didn’t do any thinking about it before I started noting, and all the notes came out in an hour last night. And so…

  • People who’ve died with a big live turn into stars and startuggers find them new homes to give parts of the universe warmth and hope [above this, I wrote “Sadly means that bad people also become stars; startuggers don’t discriminiate]
  • Stars turn into black holes because the universe is trying to fill the void [above “trying”, I wrote “sad and”]
  • Startuggers also have the responsibility to extinguish stars because everything must die
  • Startuggers first appeared when the founder of fire died [this got lost in the writing because I didn’t feel I needed it, and because I felt that would’ve led me down a road where I would’ve tried explaining too much]
  • Startuggers are thankless; no one knows what they look like or what happens when they die
  • Some startuggers try to chat and turn due stars into planets, but they’re infertile

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