He Just Won’t Shut Up

This post is brought to you by Tori Amos.

Today, I’d like to tell you about a man named Jed. No, wait. “Uneven” chapters. I finished chapter five and it’s easily the shortest chapter so far, and I’m fine with that. I feel that a sentence/paragraph/chapter/story/life/orgasm needs to be as long as it needs to be. Otherwise, you overstay your welcome or leave them wanting more (in the bad way). Up until “Crushed Petals”, the chapters have floated around 1,000 words. That was a perfect fit and I guess it works because those were introductory chapters. Now that you, and I, are comfortable with the gals and Dragonspire, I suppose my subconscious feels that anything goes now. Or maybe it’s preparing everyone for the second half of “Lie”. I enjoy the unpredictability of varying chapter lengths. Keeps the reader alert. Why be typical?

The changing nature of writing rears its head again with the two Karolys. The fifth chapter was very much about Fantine and I had a specific idea for her that would set her on her way through the rest of the story. It was a great idea when I thought of it weeks ago, but I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work in the writing. We know how ruthless I can be from my various making-ofs for “Love! in Bedlam”, so I chucked it. Well, not completely. I kept and delayed what I wanted to do with her, but what sent her down that road has changed. Something throwaway I wrote in an earlier chapter that doesn’t involve her is now the instigator. The second half of Veronique’s arc changed slightly/a lot. I had an idea earlier today that allowed me to take something important from “Love! in Bedlam” and do a much better and fulfilling job with it in “Lie”. I say “slightly/a lot” because I’m not sure how much it’ll affect her. But it’ll affect her.

Something I wanna do is write posts about film theory. Seeing as how this used to be a blog about “Love! in Bedlam” and it doesn’t exist anymore, methinks I can do more random things here. I like the idea of people making up their own film as they watch one. Like the theory that James Bond is a codename, not a person. I also like finding the profound in popcorn, the silly in the intellectual. Tangent: I hate how reviewers use flowery language for documentaries. It’s factual filmmaking. Stop it. I won’t be doing film theory posts routinely, but I will say that the first one will be about “300”.

I want to challenge readers, but not only with chapter sizes. I wanna switch perspectives. I like the randomness of conversations and am proud of how “Crushed Petals” turned out. I’ve seen conversations like that, and worse. I don’t think many novels like to let things happen. Conversations have to be about this, or about that, or about them, or these, or those, or what. Never a few at the same time, to which I suggest: “Why not?” Something’s lost in the rigidity of A-B-C storytelling. I wanna tell )-8-kumquat stories. I watched a film last night that told a story in the meandering way I’ve been embracing, “A l’aventure” (NSFW). I blind-bought it at Disc Replay Friday and, apart from something that happened at the end, I loved it. There wasn’t ever a point where I knew what was gonna happen next, and the randomness didn’t feel forced. Apart from that thing that happens at the end, but I guess that’s how people will feel about the second half of “Lie”. But I was honest in the title. Another way I want to challenge is with certain topics. I want to give more questions than answers about somethings and get people to talk about them in an intelligent way. This will probably be easier to talk about when I’m interviewed but I want to get across that talking about or showing something offensive doesn’t mean that you condone it. I’m sure more horror fans wanna kill less than the world thinks. These sort of thoughts are probably coming from me watching a lot of Terry Gilliam lately. But they’re good thoughts.

I wanna work with the geography of Dragonspire and Lily Valley more. I have a feeling that chapter five is gonna be rewritten, but I’m not sure to what degree yet. Seems unfinished. Lately, I’ve been realizing a horrible truth for a romantic and an artist: I’m more productive when women aren’t a part of my life. I hope that changes. There’s an animated action film I’ve been toying with for a few years now. It started out as being an adaptation of one of my favorite video games, “Gungrave: Overdose”. “Gungrave: Overload”. Then it drifted away from the game because I didn’t wanna get involved with rights issues, so I changed a few things and lopped off Gungrave from the title. Then I wanted to do a sequel that’s a fighting game homage and the heroes become villains. If “Overload” was about guns, then “Overkill” had to be the name of its fist-centric child. Along with “Overload” through the years, I’ve also been tinkering with a Steampunk street-racing maxiseries. It started out with Dionysus as the hero, “Dionysus’ Wild Ride”, but I changed a lot of the myth in the universe I’m creating that it takes place in, so it became “Wild Ride”. For a long time. But I couldn’t figure out how to make it fit properly in the larger story. A week or two ago, I decided to give “Overload” and “Overkill” subtitles. “OVERLOAD: The Bullet Circus” and “OVERKILL: A Melee Carnival”. Goofy-sounding? Yup, but you’d understand if you watched anime. Then last night, I realized I could put “Wild Ride” into the series and make it an interesting third. Guns, fists, and wheels. And that’s how “OVERDRIVE: The Octane Jamboree” was born. I took the first step into doing my surreal, female-only “Hamlet” adaptation last night by buying an informative edition of the play. I’m also looking into books about Weimar Germany and late-19th century Paris.

And I’ll end with this great quote from David Hayter: “My only hope when I die, is that I’ve made enough of an impact, that my enemies rejoice at my passing.”


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