I guess the first thing I should address is that Hamlet’s a woman in this drawing. But that’s part and parcel with my intention. As soon as I’m done with “Lie”, I’m gonna get more heavily into doing my adaptation of “Hamlet”. I’ll talk about it more later but the things to know are that it’ll be animated, silent, surreal, and female-only. The last thing’s amusing because women weren’t allowed to act in Shakespeare’s day.

The idea for her came to me very easily and quickly. I knew that I wanted her to wear a mask, I knew I that I wanted her hair white, I knew that I wanted her hair slicked back, and I knew that I wanted her hair feathered. The mask design came to me immediately, although I’m gonna make it hug her face more. The different colors, I’ll probably get rid of. Not the red, but the black and gray. It was all supposed to be black but I thought I’d be clever and color with a pen. The lower half was supposed to have a netted opening because, when this originally was a live-action talkie, she needed a hole to speak from.

As I was drawing, the piercings and eyeshadow came to me. Then I decided to make her an albino. I’ve never read “Hamlet”, but I’ve heard that he was crazy, or acted like he was crazy. Her being an albino would enhance that (no offense to albinos: you all are good people and I hate the sun as much as you do). Her pupils add to the crazy.

I love what I came up with, minus my arrogant pen, so you can expect to see more from our gal Hamlet soon.


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