The soundtrack to this post is Orbital.

Well. Last week was interesting. But I survived that Dirge of Valentine’s. That poem I posted was me forcing a ten-year situation out of my system, hence all the nihilism and such. That’s all over now so it’s back to my patent brand of… whatever I’m known for.

Chapter Six is finally finished. I chopped out parts of it because I could see it becoming me trying to show off instead of me trying to tell a story. It’s great to have that sort of awareness. One part of it, however, I wanna hold onto so it’ll be the second half of a future chapter. I feel great about having written a 3,000+-word chapter that never bored me. And for all its words, it flows quickly. Chapters Seven and Eight are worked out with the former being taken care of within the week. Chapter Six really helped a lot with forming the characters in my mind so the rest of my novel should flow easier. I had a great idea of how to make the latter half of “Lie” work. Before, it was random and unexplained. I explain what’s happening, but it completely trumps the vagueness that was my original idea, so I’m glad. It came to me because I was trying to figure out a way to keep the gals in Dragonspire after a certain point because, well, they’d have no reason to.

I decided to start submitting short stories to magazines because I have enough and I have a nice weekly rhythm set up for more. Gonna need lots of stamps, though.

Well, back to the mines. I’ve some catching up to do.


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