Groove Armada

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Chapters eight and nine are finished. According to my writing program, I have 51 pages written so far. Much more than I thought I’d have. This chase to novella or novel is interesting. Writing chapter eight was fun because it was just Quinevere and Fantine talking. And Fantine actually spoke because she had some giggle water. Quinevere was obviously more in charge of the convo, but it was a fun convo and it showed a new aspect of Quinevere. I didn’t think she’d be a wrestling fan but there she goes, being a wrestling fan. Chapter nine was fun because it was Veronique and Idette’s show. Veronique got Quinevere to embrace a put-away part of her past, and even got Fantine to join in. That portion was the most fun I’ve had writing a chapter so far. Idette brought the party down, but in a good way, and in a way you wouldn’t expect her to.

Chapter ten. Chapter ten will be interesting because I’ll be writing it in real-time. The chapter is the gals spending a day watching films because Fantine wants to, and I thought it’d be a challenge to write the chapter as I watch what they are. This chapter’s about Fantine opening up and taking a little control, not me showing off what I’ve seen. There are a few pop culture references throughout the story and I expect there to be more, but none of them come from a selfish place. Anything that appears is because of the characters and not me thinking it’s chic. I hate how much of an ouroborus storytelling has become. But these are women from modern times. It’d be more awkward if I went out of my way to make sure they didn’t reference anything. The ending of chapter ten will be a big challenge. Fantine will complain about something and I have to make sure that it’s neither didactic or exalting.

Not much after chapter ten is planned besides The Turn. There were three chapters defined but those weren’t nearly enough to get to The Turn. Luckily, the characters are fully-formed in my head so ideas will be easy to follow through with. There are some new chapter ideas and a definite chapter eleven so far.


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