Chapter ten’s finished. That took most of the week, which was excitingly strange. It’s easily the longest chapter so far at +4,000 words. To put things in perspective, “Countertop Discourse” was the longest and that floated around 3,000. The thing that intrigued me the most about last week was that with all the writing I did, I still wasn’t done with the notes I had for the chapter. So I split it up. I reached a point with ten where I felt that I should stop writing and move what I had to chapter eleven. Then eleven became twelve. It felt right to end ten where I did, and would’ve felt like I was forcing more story when I shouldn’t.

I did draw something last week but it was a birthday card. I didn’t feel right making something so personal public. And there was no short story last week because I was too burnt-out from ten.

::puts on money hat:: Self-publishing “Lie” as I’ll have to do, and I might’ve mentioned this before, it’d be wise of me to find other ways to get it to make money. Not to say that I don’t expect it to make money. I do, but fans of things like to show support however they can in as many ways as they can. For instance, I won’t show you how many Doctor Who-themed t-shirts I’ve gotten lately, but they are many (and none of them gaudy). I noticed that some of the things I came up with for Idette and Veronique lend themselves to things outside of my novel. Now, I do not believe in creating something solely to make money off of it. But if I wanted to make a t-shirt for “Lie”, why not pluck something from one of the characters? Then there are the things that happen after The Turn. ::throws off money hat::

Speaking of The Turn, methinks I should start gathering inspirational materials for it. I came up with a glorious way to lead into The Turn so I can work towards it with gusto and pomp. Some of the materials are obvious, some are not-so. Like the short films of the Brothers Quay.

I figured out what film I want to make after “Lie” makes me comfortable. “Melting Pot”. A karaoke musical, essentially. What happened to “Hamlet”? I’ll still try to make it while I’m building the audience for my novel and the like, but my novel comes first. Then “Melting Pot”.

I’m getting back into musicmaking. I’ve wanted to for a few months but couldn’t find the right in (or headphones). I wanted to broaden my creative range and chose last night to start making variations of songs I love. Like this one of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”.

And thanks to everyone who’s been reading these (almost) weekly things of mine, as well as the new readers.


3 Responses to ““Explosion””

  1. WTG. It is s difficult to do that much work. I love reading your updates. 🙂

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