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Chapter 11’s finished as of last Thursday. After editing it, I read all of what I had so far in one sitting. The formatting was weird because when I rendered it to a PDF with proper novel proportions, the page count jumped from 69 to 109. But it doesn’t feel long, which is the most important thing. I’ll just keep writing as I have been because it doesn’t matter how long “Lie” will be if I keep being the taskmaster who’s constantly aware of things dragging. Ten pages could seem like forever and 200 pages could disappear before you know it. I’m proud of what I have so far. Quite proud, in fact. The goils are distinguishable from each other, there’s a great sense of geography, the story moves along at a pace I’m comfortable with, and I’m doing a great job of avoiding any sort of set-up for The Turn. I’ve sent the PDF to a few female friends and I hope to hear from them by the end of the week. I don’t expect them to have read everything, just a chapter or two.

It’s perversely thrilling to be so far into writing. Knowing that there are so many people who say they want to do something creative and quit for whatever reason, and knowing that I’m not one of them. Dancing on their dreams while building mine.

Chapter 12’s almost plotted to the point of me taking it to the page… and it’s already become chapters 12 and 13. I’ve had a little fun with titling them since this time, I know one chapter’s two before I started writing. They’re “solo” chapters. I wanted to see Quinevere and Idette alone since they’re best friends and the only time they’ve been alone for a long time was when they had their big fight in “Crushed Petals”. My intention while plotting is to show how and why they’re friends. It’s one thing to assume and up until chapter 11, you get a good sense of their friendship, but I don’t wanna get by with only that. It’ll be fun, and hopefully done by Friday so I can treat myself to some new Depeche Mode.

I came up with another character last week while talking to someone about “Doctor Who”. One of the perks of the show is being introduced to actors/actresses because I like watching stuff. One of the actresses in question is Sarah Smart. She’ll be a pink-haired, bohemian-punk American named Dana Megan. I don’t wanna say much about her but she and Idette have a history of conflict whispered behind backs.


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