This post is brought to you again by Ladytron.

Chapter 13’s finished and, like I figured, I didn’t feel gathered enough to write a short story last week. I should write a chunky prompt at the beginning of each week so I don’t have to do much thinking at the end. I feel the end coming for the normal half. I didn’t have a specific plan when I started, I don’t think. I assumed that I’d know when enough was enough and then switch gears. Thus, I feel that I have about five chapters left before things get… funky. I have 26,000+ words written so far. Speaking of words, I don’t think a lot of words I wrote as notes will find their way into “Lie”. Either because they don’t fit into what my novel’s become, or they were touched on in such a way that I don’t need to elaborate. And I’ve gotten positive feedback from readers, which is good. I wasn’t gonna change anything whether they liked it or not, I just wanted to know that it’s read. That seems a bit selfish, let’s try that again. I wanted to know that I wasn’t a hack. There. I wanted to know that I wouldn’t be slaughtered by women because of what I’ve written. I know I’m gonna be slaughtered by a few women, but as long as it’s not en masse.

Chapter 14 will be inspired by George Carlin because, damnit, he needs to be remembered. It’s gonna be interesting to see his thoughts filtered through Quinevere, Idette, and Veronique. Fantine won’t be involved because she’d get in the way since she doesn’t know much about the world, and I wanted to spend time with those three. It’s also the last completely happy thing to happen in “Lie” so I’m gonna make the most of it.

Since I’ve made it to 26,000+ words, I’m treating myself today to my successes. I’m FINALLY getting a pair of Doc Martens. I was thinking about a burgundy pair but wiser heads prevailed and stuck with black.  Well… I wouldn’t say “wiser”. I might get them someday, but black is good enough for me. I’m hoping to find a frock coat because frock coats are cool. They’re like trenchcoats that haven’t hit puberty. And, of course, more charcoal clothes. Like this one I’ve been wanting for two years. I’m also gonna start ordering some inspirations for The Turn.

I’ve also been having nightmares about “Lie” and what my life’ll be after it… which is awesome because that means I care a lot about it. I’m only tormented by the things I care about.


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