It’s 30,000 Words As I Know It, And I Feel Fine…

This post brought to you by Metallica.

The first part of “Lie” is finished! I’ve celebrated by seeing the excellent “Trance” and being gleefully reminded of how detached from the mainstream I am. Words can’t express how interested I’m not in tablets or smart phones despite how many times those pre-film commercials tried. And they tried. Batman, help me, how they tried. I’m staying away from what I’ve written so far for a week to cleanse the pallet and properly judge what’s there. So gathering ideas for the second half is less biased toward what I’ve recently written. Some ideas have already started forming, but I’ll commit to brainstorming more heartily after reading. The switch from dramedy to horror is weirder than I thought, but it’s still a lot of fun. It’s so much fun being able to completely change genres midway with reckless abandon.

The genre of horror I’m embracing is one that doesn’t have a name, but has a precursor in the “Silent Hill” games. So I’ll name it “mind horror”. Mind horror is like body horror, except it deals with the mind instead of the body. What’s body horror? Try this NSFW example. Well… it’s best to assume that all clickable things in this paragraph are NSFW. The main thing about the “Silent Hill” series that drew me towards it is how the monsters were manifestations of the main character’s subconscious. It’s a shame that they’ve become “The Pyramid Head and Nurses Show” lately. I doubt that everyone has the same monsters when it comes to representing lust. Scary things are scarier when they’re personal, and body horror has respectfully been done to death (but if something good comes along…). I enjoy the mind and nothing’s more personal than that. So, mind horror. The monsters in “Lie” will be more influenced by the monsters of “Silent Hill” than I’d like. That’s not to say that I’ll be copying them. F that S in the A. I’ll be doing my damndest to make mine original, but the “Silent Hill” monsters are a jumping-off point, and my monsters will be much more varied once I do more mind horror things. It worked for “Silent Hill” because I don’t see much of “Jacob’s Ladder” in it even though that was an inspiration. Plus, the worlds the characters will occupy in the second part of “Lie” will be as much of a monster as the things coming to get them. Unlike “Silent Hill” and its fog/ash.

I don’t think I’ll ever explain the meanings of my mind horror monsters. I want the audience to participate in their meanings. I’ll have a clear idea of what they’ll represent when I create them. That’s the best way to go about that sort of thing. I’d hate to create something and pretend that it’s profound. But I don’t want to take away from interpretations. It’ll make the monsters mean more, and perhaps terrify more, if the monsters are whatever you make them. I will give them names, though. Names are fun.


2 Responses to “It’s 30,000 Words As I Know It, And I Feel Fine…”

  1. WTG. This is a big thing! I am so impressed!

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