With “Lie” more or less finished now, I have to think about the next thing to work on. Part of me wants to move onto filmmaking since, y’know, that’s the reason I got off my chair in the first place. But another part is still nagging at me about “Love! in Bedlam”. The hard part of “Love! in Bedlam” is taken care of (the plotting and world-building), whereas “Until the End of Time” isn’t more than a few ideas on a sheet of paper. And my idea of “Love! in Bedlam” has changed slightly. The overall tone was much more like what “Lie” ended up as, minus the horror bits. I’d want it to be much more of a sedate story. Much more like a slow, brooding drama. There wouldn’t be much to change apart from a chapter or two, plus taking out the exclamation point. But I really wanna make a film next. Of course, the film depends on how soon “Lie” can make me enough money to live comfortably and fund it. Because fuck studios and Kickstarter. I know that I could make “Until the End of Time” for less than $50,000… but I still need to get the $50,000. With a novel, I have to pay for the copyright, the eBook publisher, the pens, and the paper. I could try to write the script of “Until the End of Time” and the manuscript of “Love in Bedlam” at the same time. Or rather, plot the film and write the novel. A big reason I wanna write “Love in Bedlam” is because I felt myself starting to steal from it for “Until the End of Time”, and I love what I’ve done too much to cannibalize it. I have a few more weeks to think about it, but I’ll probably try the juggling act until either I succeed or give up one for the other.


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