New Horizons, Or Why It’s Great to Have Lumbar Support

This week, I kick into high-gear the self-promotion machine. “Lie” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and iBooks but I don’t have iTunes so I can’t link to it. It’ll eventually be everywhere possible around the world, if it’s not already, but I wanted to have them in the big three before I rolled up my sleeves. I hope to have a level of notoriety by September (big dream, kid…) or by the end of the year (big dream, kid…). Big dream, you say? Sure, but this.

I have a few projects coming to me. I wrote a short film script for something Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s doing. The prompt was to write about the edge of the universe, have it dialogue-centric, and fit some science facts into it. For a guy who hates space, I know a lot about space. I chose to write a back-and-forth convo between two space explorers, and you can read “Edge of the Universe [ping-pong]”. It’s not my usual brand of darkness… or any sort of darkness. Apart from space. Tell me what you think of it.

He also asked for poetic short stories about being dumped and working trash into it. He speak-a my language because I know pain. I know pain.

Clive Barker asked for fans to write a horror short story that fits into his “Cabal” novel (adapted into the film “Nightbreed”) for an anthology novel. There aren’t many rules except a word limit and that you have to weave in a theme from a few keywords he offered. I dug out an idea from my idea notebook (I strongly suggest every creative person to have one) and it’s more or less plotted. I’ll go in soon and flesh things out but the hard part is done. I’ll talk about it more later but what I can say is that it’s a sort of satire.

These things are possible because of two things: skill and a comfy chair. Do not underestimate the power of a good chair. The chair I had until this one was a piece of shit from Wal-Mart. I got it because it was cheap and looked fine. Sure, it didn’t rock back, but I could lean the whole chair back on its wheels. Then the cushion more or less gave out on me and I started feeling back pains. VERY bad when your current career revolves around you sitting down for extended periods of time. Enough was enough after a while and I went to my old pal, ebay. Found a great chair that cost half as much as the piece of shit from Wal-Mart. It rocks back and has arm rests and a high back. The only problem is that it doesn’t raise, but my back feels great. I can take on the world with my back muscles.

In random success news, I get to see “The World’s End” on the 1st with an Edgar Wright Q&A afterwards, then “Shaun of the Dead” with “Hot Fuzz” on the 2nd with an Edgar Wright Q&A afterwards. For free. Success loves when you earn it, kids.

I’d like it a lot if you read the first four chapters of my take on awesome female characters, “Lie”. Thanks.


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