Full of Life and Full of Spirit. Come to Me, Let’s Talk About

Self-promoting for “Lie” is going slowly but steadily. Nothing major has happened yet, but I didn’t expect them to so soon. Just continuing to beat the drum gently. I did manage to get around to registering “darknessopera” as a domain name last week. I had a push from “Pacific Rim”. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I ordered the (awesome) artbook and it came in last week from Barnes & Noble. It also came with a coupon for 250 free business cards. Free comes in many different gaudy disguises, but I managed to find something that worked for me. There was a spot to put an address, but I don’t feel comfortable with everyone knowing where I live. There weren’t any rules that said I had to put an address, though. So I remembered a nifty quote I saw on Twitter earlier that day. There was a place for a web addy and professionalism started sneaking in. I have a site, yes, but methought that darknessopera.wordpress.com didn’t look very good (no offense to WordPress). So I stopped dragging my feet about it after a few months and registered the domain name. A shipping-and-handling charge later, my new business cards began their journey to me. Then I thought that I should get a case since a) it’d be sloppy of me not to, and b) I don’t want a bunch of cards in a pocket. I searched ebay for about an hour until I found a card (or cigarette) case that worked for me. I won’t be ordering that until Friday… which works out great because that means it and my cards will be coming in at around the same time next week.

Most people have nightmares about monsters or death. I have nightmares about mediocrity (“settling” is the scariest word in the world… that and “bored”). And they’re not the sort of scary that makes you wake up suddenly. Nay, these are the slow and brooding ones that ensnare you until they feel like letting you go. Saturday night wasn’t the best night for me and something was heavily weighted on my mind. So much so that said mind decided to give me the rare dream. Then went one better and made it a nightmare. Since I’ve started up the professional artist journey years ago, the end goal in my dreams was always represented by a theatre. Well, the theatre was there this time but at one point, it was craned away. Where it was, a squished roll of hundred dollar bills sat. Nearby was a crappy car with an average gal sleeping in the backseat wearing something I kinda sorta liked but not enough to enjoy. Then I unrolled the bills and they turned out to be fridge magnets with “Never Forget” written on them. When I woke up, it only took about ten minutes for me to figure everything out. Basically, I could get what I wanted right now but it’d be far less than what I could get. Horrifying. It’s like a part in “Scrooged”. Y’know, the Bill Murray Christmas film. When he and the Ghost of Christmas Past went to his job’s party and was hit on by the attractive flake. He was angry at his past self and then he saw him meet the love of his life (after getting hit by a door and curb). He could’ve done something with the flake… but she would’ve flaked and he wouldn’t have met Claire. And the thing about meeting Claire was that it hurt. Settle for a good thing or take the pain it takes to get the great thing. I wonder if Bill Murray thought “Scrooged” would ever have been used this way.

I figured out what I wanna do next and have already started working on it. Last week, I started embracing Video-On-Demand because I got tired of theatres near me not playing what I wanted and didn’t feel like driving an hour and paying for parking. One of the things I watched was the remake of the horror film, “Maniac”. I hate remakes, for the most part (ask me about “Robocop” sometime [really, don’t]), but hearing that Elijah Wood was the maniac and it took place in 1st-person perspective was too good of a thing to pass up. At the risk of sounding psychotic, it spoke to me in ways films about lonely people speak to lonely people. The only other film to do that for me was also a horror film that began with an m, “May”. While I was watching “Maniac”, I remembered a film idea I had about a crazy guy falling in love with a crazy gal. Once “Maniac” was over, I rushed to the desk and fleshed the idea out. Soon after, I thought of a title. “A Tale of Two Psychos” (inspired by one of my favorite ghost stories [as a guy who hates ghost stories] “A Tale of Two Sisters”). Later last week, I found out that Natalie Portman is making a film that starts off with “A Tale”, so I chucked that. Recently, I’ve been getting back into anime and it loves its random-seeming titles. That unlocked the part of my brain that could think of “Tangle Core: A Psycho-Love Story”. The words and the hyphen are very deliberate. I decided not to write with a budget in mind like I have before. One of the things David Cronenberg taught me is to not censor yourself because of a budget. Write freely and figure out a way to make it later. So that’s what I’m doing. It’ll be around 100 pages and I’m wondering if I could (almost) finish it by the end of August. It’ll also be my first stab at writing something faerietale.

Come read the first four chapters of my first novel, “Lie”. It’s about a group of women who go on a getaway to help one of their own through a big problem she’s having. It’s also an attack on generic female characters (of which none of mine are). If you like what you’ve read, you can buy “Lie” for only $1.99 wherever eBooks are sold. Thanks and I hope you have fun.


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