Little Successes Are Swell

I was notified earlier today that my short story, “Startuggers”, was accepted and posted on It’s a great feeling, seeing it there.

In other news, I decided to try something different with writing. Gonna try writing two scripts. Why? Because I’m young and stupid. Also, I had an idea for another horror story. If “Tangle Core” will be my 70s horror film, then “Murderhounds” will be my 80s horror film. Y’know, playfully violent and full of satire. I wanna finish them both by my birthday in September so that should be interesting. I’m using notecards in a different way. I have one pinned for each film and at the top, “What’s Left for [film]?” is written. The rest of the card will be a constantly updated checklist of things I need to figure out before I can arrange my notes and start writing. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m gonna write two scripts at the same time, but it’ll probably be the James Cameron approach. When he was writing “Aliens”, he also had to write “Rambo: First Blood II”. He took the total amount of pages he had to write and divided that number into how many days he had to write them (or vice-versa). Then he found out how many pages he had to write per day and did it.


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