Building Blocks (and say hello to my little friend)

The slow and steady pace of self-promoting “Lie” is going, well, slow and steady. Starting next week, I’ll extend my reach a little. The trick is to not be annoying while gaining interest… and it’s such a fine line. But it’s there and I see it. Hi, line.

“Tangle Core” and “Murderhounds” are becoming more and more their own beasts. “Tangle Core” is turning into a film with light David Lynch/Cronenberg touches, and “Murderhounds” is turning into happy hour. With “Tangle Core”, I have to detail its five parts and maybe flesh-out the characters a bit more until I write it. As a short story first, then as a script. “Murderhounds” needs a bit more love because there’s a lot of world-building in it. That and even though it’s the one with the two-dimensional characters, I feel that it needs more details. I have to earn the second half of it and all the blood it contains because I don’t want “Murderhounds” to be a typical… anything, really. Soon, I’ll do character designs of K, Lucy, and Mr. Mischief, along with all the other things my notecard tells (and will tell) me.

I don’t think anyone would peg me for a “Scarface” fan, but I’m a huge “Scarface” fan. If ever I do a remake, De Palma’s “Scarface” will be the example I look at for how to do one correctly. Yeah, the one with Pacino is a remake. The original was made in 1932 by Howard Hawks and is just as great as the 1983 version. Obviously, one’s more polished than the other but they’re still great films. Apart from being the same basic story, they share something else. Both got into a lot of trouble because of the violence. Hawks’ version was banned for a while. “Scarface” looks like it’ll be remade again soon (surprise). I can’t complain too much since, y’know, big fan of the (1st) remake. But. The difference between the Howard Hawks version, the Brian De Palma version, and the 2nd remake is that the first two had great directors working on them. The 2nd remake will have some film school graduate who needs money.

Earlier this week, I watched “Passion” and “The Canyons”. I’m not sure why I watched the latter, but I can say that I’ve seen a Lindsay Lohan film. That counts for something, right? “Passion” was pretty, and pretty good. Today, I watched “Antiviral”. I’m a HUGE David Cronenberg fan and hoped that his son’s first film would be good. I didn’t compare the two while I watched it, but I couldn’t help but make a double-feature of it and “Videodrome” in the back of my mind. “Antiviral” is a great film, if you enjoy slow films. It’s a harsh and unique critique on the cult of celebrity. I’ve also been watching, and falling in love with, “Soul Eater”. It’s been a while since I’ve watched any new anime and the complete series (51 episodes) was on sale at Best Buy for 28 bucks. My taste in… everything veers toward the dark and mature. Which “Soul Eater” is, but it’s on the thinner end. Great fun, and this is coming from a guy who hates fun. My favorite character looks obvious (Death the Kid) but he’s my favorite because he has a legitimately crippling case of OCD. He loves symmetry, and I can relate.

Last night, I got to let off some steam about… a rock in my shoe, and I feel pretty good. Oh yeah. The nights with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost last week were splendid. I’d love to talk about “The World’s End”, but I can’t until it comes out on the 23rd. I may or may not be bragging.

Don’t stop reading now! Check out the first four chapters of my awesome female-led novel, “Lie” by me, Rathan Krueger. Four women are women together without being flat as cardboard or fodder for a guy’s spank bank. And if you like what you read, you can buy the eBook wherever they’re sold. Thanks.


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  1. […] some time to kill? Why not read the first four chapters of my very first novel. It’s titled “Lie” and it’s by me, Rathan Krueger. […]

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