The Scarlet Empress

I realized last week that updates on “Lie” are gonna be rather repetitive for a while, so I won’t be saying much about it until anything major happens. With that said, I’m always self-promoting it and offering it to reviewers and the like, so don’t think that my not talking about it in the coming weeks means that I’ve given up. I just don’t think anyone wants to read “talked to a few more people about it” every Monday.

I’ve put my notes for “Tangle Core” and “Murderhounds” to the side for now because I have a few short stories and essays to write that’re more important since they have deadlines. Like an essay about my motto, which took me longer to crack than I thought. I finally figured it out yesterday, only to read that I’d have to add an extra word since the rules stipulate three words. So “Never Settle” became “Don’t Ever Settle”. I also wanna try soon a serial writing assignment. Just for my amusement. One of my first steps in planning what to write is to see the end, but this time I’d like to try writing without seeing it. I know that I wanna write a Gothic sapphic story with no redeemable characters, and that I wanna write it in four chunks. I have an idea of how to start so I’ll write that soon, but only knowing how I’m gonna end each chunk as I write it. I have no idea how I’ll end it and that’s the fun of this particular project. I also have a short story for Clive Barker to finish, and an essay with food/drink at its center. AND I have a short story to write as a birthday present to myself.

I finished reading a biography of Marlene Dietrich written by her daughter, Maria Riva, last night. It might end up being my favorite book of all-time. It’s such a great, multi-tiered examination of history and people. Next on the slab is a biography of Oscar Wilde. I don’t really have a reason for reading about him apart from having a passing enjoyment of his work. And a want to see how homosexuals were treated back in his day. Ditto the biography of Natalie Barney I have tucked away somewhere. A straight guy can read about rainbow bandits, right? And if not, shame on you.

I’ve been catching up on the filmography by my soon-to-be favorite Japanese director, Sion Sono. I’m not sure what to suggest of his… Both are intense and NSFW, because all of his films are intense and NSFW, but if you’re looking for something realistic (bonus points for being based off of a true story), I recommend “Cold Fish”. If you want something more surreal, “Strange Circus” is your huckleberry.

I’ve also been planning my birthday party next month. Last year’s was… and I was so dejected that I more or less swore parties off. Then last week, I thought that this birthday would be my first birthday as an artist who’s entered the world. Surely that’s a reason to kick tires and light fires. Plus, it’s on a Friday. So I figured something out that won’t involve me hating my life afterwards, and will be bombastic while at the same time be rather insular.

Wanna read a surreal dramedy about four women on a getaway? Sure, you do. Wanna read the first four chapters so you’re plenty prepared? But of course? Wanna buy “Lie” by Rathan Krueger for only $1.99 wherever eBooks are sold to find out more about Quinevere, Veronique, Idette, and Fantine? Boy howdy!


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