Dustin’ Cobwebs

Well, let’s see where I am now. Last night, I gathered my notes for “Love! in Bedlam” with the intention of looking over everything and figuring out how I’ll rework it. I knew that I wanted the tone to be more serious because “Lie” had an overall light tone (well…). “Love! in Bedlam” had a similar overall tone (well…) and I didn’t wanna repeat myself. Or I like the dark more. I knew that it wouldn’t be a hard switch for me. What I didn’t expect was how far removed I was from the person who wanted to tell that story a year ago. I looked at my notes and no part of me wanted anything to do with them. I love the concept and wanna do something with it later, but I can’t do anything with the things I have now. It’s like running into an old friend and having only one thing to vaguely talk about.

But I still wanted to write something longform and I told myself to write a novel. My main fear about “Love! in Bedlam” came true, that I waited too long to write it. The two films that I could write, “Tangle Core” and “Murderhounds”, could wait. Well… “Murderhounds” could. Its story is such that me at any age could make it (but it’ll be written shortly after “Tangle Core”). “Tangle Core” needs to be written and filmed within a year before I feel too far away from it. Which means that I don’t have to write it now, which means that the urge to write a novel can be sated.

So what to write? The idea came to me quickly. A short story I wanted to write as a birthday present to me. “Huetta’s Grace”. It was gonna be a rather long short story, but now it can grow into an honest novel. It’ll be a more fantastical story, about a woman who changes from a good person to a horrible human being. With where I want to take things and have them happen more rationally than in “Lie”, I’m gonna spend a lot more time world-building. The world HAS to justify what happens. I’m absurdly proud of “Lie”, but I don’t want readers thinking that I’m Random Krueger. With the few things I came up with last night, methinks I’ll be fine.

I think I’ll try the normal publishing routes with “Huetta’s Grace”. I don’t have any problems with self-publishing, I just wanna see what the other side’s like. So I can complain properly with my third novel (whenever that’ll be). Self-promoting’s going well. Review responses are still slowly trickling in and soon, I’ll be posting ads in magazines.

In geekier news, I see Robert Englund tomorrow. That’s right: Freddy Krueger meets Rathan Krueger. I hope I can keep my composure. I did when I met Christopher Nolan, but I was hella sleep-deprived. I’ll also be seeing the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who”, “Day of the Doctor”, in theatres with other Whovians and Wholigans. It’ll be in 3D and I’m not at all pleased about it… but it’s The Doctor, goddamnit. The last thing I saw in 3D was “Drive Angry”, almost three years ago. I am not at all part of the 3D or HD revolution… but it’s The Doctor, goddamnit. I hope it’ll be as fun as the first time I was “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, “The World’s End”, and “Pacific Rim”. It’d have to be, right? What to wear… I know I’m bringing my sonic screwdriver (The Eleventh Doctor’s). Geek!

For a taste of what I have to offer, why not read the first four chapters of my novel, “Lie”? It’s a surreal dramedy about four women who go on vacation to help one of their own through a life-changing decision. If you like what you read, you can pick it up for only $1.99 wherever eBooks are sold. Thanks a bunch.


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