A Quickie Update About “Nostalgia Season”

I’m close to finishing the first chapter. I didn’t realize how much writing I’d be doing when I told myself to write eight massive chapters… I have a habit of throwing myself into situations that might be too big for me without thinking them through until I’m in the middle of it. I figure things out in the end, though, which is one of many reasons why I relate to “Doctor Who”. In case anyone forgot, I’ve split the chapter (and all subsequent chapters forever) into a series of notecards that break down the chapter into sections. I can’t express enough how much easier it makes writing (thanks, “Breaking Bad” special features). I’m almost finished with the seventh of nine cards. Something interesting happened as I was writing. I didn’t get to the notes on the card until pages after I started writing. The card involved a trip to another city and was written in a way that made most things happen after Luciana and Sadie got to where they were headed. But I didn’t get a chance to make Sadie say what she needed to in a previous card. Or rather, I felt that she had more to say. The previous card had her pretty manic so she couldn’t get a story out in its entirety. She said enough, I thought, so I moved on. That was my original intention: for her to say Just Enough. But I had a feeling that Everything Else would come out in later chapters, and I didn’t want that. I wanted what’s bothering her to get out of her system by the end of the chapter because she and Luciana have SO many more places to go emotionally. I also started cluing in on how people, when they have something bothering them to the point of tears, don’t say everything all at once. They blurt out pieces and later on, when they’re calmer and unprovoked, will say everything. Those two things made the current card take place mostly in the car ride.

Originally, Sadie was supposed to find her ex and unload all her emotional baggage on her. However, it felt superfluous after the car ride because I felt that she got everything out, mostly. And it was SO draining writing that car ride, but it was great because Sadie was feeling so drained as she was saying what she had to. It’s part of the reason why I’m not done with the card yet. I knew that if I kept writing after where I stopped, I would’ve rushed everything and felt like shit afterwards. Anywho, Sadie still finds her ex but I found a more elegant and concise way to handle their meeting. And I’m gonna enjoy editing this chapter because Luciana’s really becoming defined at this point. In the back of my head, I’m constantly reminding myself “Don’t make her like Idette! Don’t make her like Idette!” The way I’ve found my way to Luciana (well, one way) is that I think that Idette (from my first novel, “Lie”) had something to prove, whereas Luciana has nothing to show. Reflecting on her, Idette came off as overcompensating. Luciana’s an innocent. And people are gonna think that I’ve made Luciana too unrealistic when it comes to her innocence, but women like her exist. I knew one like her for years. That’s not to say that Luciana’s modeled on her, just that I know she’s coming from a true place. Anywho, there’s a moment at the end of what I’ve written so far that IS Luciana. And it’s great because it’s so different from the moment that made Idette to me. Idette, in the initial writing of “Lie”, became Idette when she was recollecting a story to Fantine to get a reaction out of her. Luciana’s moment is when she bellows the most vulgar thing she can think of to Sadie’s ex, then turns to Sadie and smiles at her “like a cheerful child wanting their parent’s approval”. As I write, inspirations for future chapters hit me and I feel that Luciana’s a bit like a sponge in that she starts absorbing traits of those around her. That won’t show itself in this chapter because she hasn’t had time to but she’ll start picking up bits of Sadie in the next chapter.

I’m not sure if I’ll post the complete first chapter when I’m finished. I don’t mind doing it, it’s just that it’s MASSIVE and I a) would feel bad dumping all those words on you all, and b) would feel worse if no one read it. Yesterday, it hit me that among other things, I’m writing a friendship-at-first-sight story. I was thinking about how quickly Luciana and Sadie became friends and how that doesn’t usually happen. Then I thought about how it’s not so weird in romances, two people falling in love tout de suite. Heck, “Terminator” took place during one night and Sarah fell in love with Kyle. One of the things that I know will keep popping up in what I do is the concept of friendship. You’ll be seeing far more things from me about that than romances (I have a romantic story in me, but it’s rather apocalyptic) because I feel that there’s too much of a push for romantic stories these days. It’s like if you put two people in a room, they have to kiss before they leave it. I say be friends (says the hopeless romantic). One of the reasons why I love “Hot Fuzz” and definitely “World’s End” much more than “Shaun of the Dead” is because they aren’t about getting the girl in the end. And I’m tired of the term “bromance”. Everyone’s so afraid of having two guys be as close as friends as two gals can be that they have to make up a fucking stupid word for it. I have no ending to this brewing rant so I will simply take a bow.

Ha! “Quickie” update…

Come read the first four chapters of Idette’s adventure with three other women. Then skip o’er to your local eBookstore and pick up “Lie” for only $1.99. Thanks for reading.


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