A New Split

I finished the first chapter Friday. Or rather, I tried writing more and it laughed hysterically. I was afraid of that happening. I still had two cards that needed to be fleshed-out and I hoped that when I stopped writing, I’d still be able to fit them in. Alas, nay. Chapter One felt like it ended where it needed to and adding the two cards would’ve made it bloated, to the point where I would’ve taken their content out during the final edit. But they couldn’t work in the next chapter. And they’re too important to the overall story to simply put away. Worrying about the waste gave me the idea of what I’m calling an Intermezzo. As much as I love cinema, I tend to make more intriguing musical references. Anywho, what I’ll be doing with Intermezzos (because I feel that this is something that’ll be in my eventual Wikipedia entry under “Artist Trademarks” [along with parantheticals and “Gosh, he really loves gingers… poor guy.”]) is take something that’s important to a particular part of the story but won’t fit somehow and make it a side-story. Or turning a negative into a positive, which is what all artists should do. Basically, I’m making a mini-chapter after the chapter-proper, but Intermezzos could be mini-songs or short films.

I’m a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid series (well… up until the fifth one but that’s a rant for another day) and each game ends with a long post-credit sequence. What I loved about them is that they were legitimately adding to the story. You couldn’t put the info from them into the games because it’d be out of place. Similar to the Appendices with “Lord of the Rings”. I wanted to take that idea and apply it to everything I create, basically. Although there’s nothing like that with “Lie”, there will be whenever I can release it as a paperback (gotta give the kids a reason to buy it). The post-credits sequence has gotten out of hand, though. The Marvel movies are known for them, but they don’t add anything to the story. They’re there to either wink at itself or be an ad for the next movie. Because of that, I started recoiling from the idea of addendums. Then “Nostalgia Season” told me to stop being stupid. Not every chapter will have an Intermezzo because they’re a coping mechanism for too much content and I’ll try to make everything fit, but it’s nice to have an out.

Read the first four chapters of my novel, “Lie”, so I can cause more creative mischief. Liking what you read, you can pick it up for only $1.99 wherever eBooks are sold. Thanks for reading.


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