Chapter Two’s First Volley

Although this is being posted midday, I’m writing this just before bed. I point that out because I’m about to say that I hope I’ll be  almost done with the first third of the second chapter by the time this is posted. Or rather, have just said. Semantics. Before I get into that, I wanna introduce you to my new tablet. My laptop’s motherboard melted last week. Luckily, my years of work and fandom were tucked away on the external so there’s no real loss. Especially since I can hook it up to my Blu-ray player. However, I was forced to join the times by begrudgingly getting a tablet since I couldn’t find an affordable laptop within driving distance. I say “begrudgingly” because I was fine with laptops. I love laptops. They’re portable and close like a clamshell. But I couldn’t get one and NEEDED something computery because my career and future as an artist depended on it. So I went to Best Buy and got the only thing I could afford (and was glad it wasn’t an iPad).

I was immediately struck by how much desk space I had and how streamlined my day-to-day became with the apps. There was a learning curve: how to tap things, how to get apps, finding out that tablets don’t need to defrag, finding out that I still needed to monitor memory by clearing out caches, and as of this moment, getting comfortable with typing. This last one is important because it looks like I’ll be typing “Nostalgia Season” on this once I’m done writing it. Self-promoting’s been interesting because of this thing and Twitter. I’ve given up on bloggers for the time being because I wanted to try a more direct approach. And because most use Blogspot and those sites loaded horribly on the laptop. I don’t wanna throw the tablet in frustration my first month of having it. So I chose Twitter to bang the “Lie” drum with and something amazing happened within the first few seconds of loading its app. I couldn’t see how many followers I had. Because of that, I could lose what little restraint I had when it came to what I had to say. I could self-promote and act au naturale because I couldn’t see a number attached to me. Little things go a long way. Since I started, I’ve gotten new followers and have been added to a few lists.

But back to chapter two. It’s been a great ride so far. Luciana has been surprising me and allowing me to address a few things… and gave me the chance to think of the male equivalent of my favorite line from both seasons of “Rome”, “I hope she fucks like her ass is on fire.” I’m probably prouder of that than I should be, but it’s been nagging at me for years. Through Luciana and Sadie, I was able to talk about the woes of women with large breasts. I’ve heard complaints about them for a while and thought it’d be fun to talk about them instead of treating breasts as sex objects. Sadie… I know that she’s been getting the short straw in terms of character development, so this chapter’s gonna be more about her. Luciana comes easily to me, but not Sadie. To the point where I hit a creative wall because I couldn’t see what her room looked like. Everything in Room 2B was so vivid to me save that place, and I can’t write something I can’t see. But that problem’s been taken care of and I found out more about her in the process. She loves art in all its forms, and Amy Winehouse. That second thing helped me out more than I expected when I thought of it.


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