Howdy-Do. Almost Through with Chapter Two

I’ll be finished by Friday, which is fantastic. There were supposed to be three more cards but that last one was breaking two of my rules, so I chucked it. I wanted the gals to imagine a fight scene for no other reason than me wanting it, and I wanted to make it another Intermezzo even though I wanted to use them sparingly. Why did I want the fight scene? To show off, basically, and show that I can do more than have two people talk. But that was the author trying to slap the story around instead of let it be. The story tells you what it does and doesn’t need, and the best creatives listen. There’ll be plenty more times to show off my violent urges.

The novel’s becoming a scrapbook of memories, more than I intended it to be. It fits in perfectly with the theme of the novel, and I’ll never reveal which too-personal parts are more fact than fiction, so I’ll survive. Keeping with my plan for getting “Nostalgia Season” published the traditional way, I’ve made my first professional step to making that happen. It’s gonna be very time-consuming, but it has to happen this way unless something easier falls into my lap. Writing the second chapter has been slightly more of a chore than I’d like because it’s been predominantly in Luciana’s apartment. The next chapter takes place outside, but I wanted to spend more time out of Room 2B. So the fourth chapter will take place at Luciana’s gay friend’s house. That was gonna end up in a bunch of different places, and it still might, but I’ve at least settled on the town.

Something I wasn’t expecting to happen was to give a history lesson in the novel, but the opportunity presented itself. I wanted Sadie to ramble about Prohibition but when I got to that point, it didn’t feel right. Her referring to Prohibition was fine, but she was too drunk to wax poetical about it. But I knew I had some things to say about it, so I made the narrator do it. It was supposed to simply say one or two sentences, but it grew into this long and beautiful humanizing of Prohibition by focusing on its true cause. Hurt women.

Sometimes, getting the day’s writing done is like having to finish a set of push-ups when your arms are noodly. You know you have to do them, but it’s SO HARD, so you take little breaks and, bam, done. Finishing the last card was like that, so I’ve learned to not write while exhausted yet don’t allow myself to put the pen down for the rest of the day.

Crumbs, it would’ve been horrible to have Luciana live in a loft.

No artist should want to be “the next x”, they should want to be “the first me”. Taking inspiration from others is fine, but don’t try to be them. Why do what someone else did? With that said, I wanna do for women in fiction what Neal Adams has done for comics. Neal Adams, among many other things in the field, made it so that comic book people got the rights and respect they deserved from their bosses. For instance, the creators of Superman would’ve been happily forgotten by DC Comics if Neal Adams didn’t change things. I’m not a big fan of Superman but it’s fucked-up to not be known you created something as massive as him. But now if you open a comic or look at the credits on a TV show or film, you’re gonna see that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created him. Much like I just did to see how to spell Siegel. I’m not sure how that’ll translate to female characters, or rather, I’m not sure how to explain yet. But you’ve gotten a taste of it in “Lie” and will continue to taste in in “Nostalgia Season”… and everything else, really.

Other creative ideas– Two creative ideas have been nagging at me for a while, which means that I really wanna finish “Nostalgia Season” because they’re two GREAT creative ideas. The threat of distractions are a fine way to find out if you really want something. And I keep making the characters richer. Luciana and Sadie are gonna be billion-dollar characters when it’s all over. Not in terms of how much they’ll make me, but in terms of how full of life and details they’ll be. Without seeming cluttered or like someone tried too hard.


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