A Success and a Side-Quest

Chapter two’s been finished as of last week. I’m proud of it, but I’m REALLY proud of the musical number at the end of it. It’s the first time I’ve written a song and was completely satisfied with it. I was listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse at the time. Not for inspiration, but because I liked listening to her. The musical number was always meant to be a little bitter, and Ms. Winehouse helped with that unconsciously. Ditto Ms. Morissette. There was a lot of planning that went into writing the musical number, in terms of lyrics. I wanted to give Luciana and Sadie specific points of view and singing styles. I figured that Luciana was ultimately singing about mortality and Sadie was ultimately singing about freedom. Because of that, Luciana’s lyrics became very structured (as everyone’s life is structured by ending in death) and Sadie’s lyrics became very free. Luciana had rhyming patterns and an iambic structure, and dealt with wordplay. Sadie was free verse and didn’t rhyme, and was more visual. What’ll probably amuse me later is the second half of the musical number and how committed I was to making it seem as if you were listening to it instead of reading it. The musical number was also a test in seeing if I could write with themes, and I passed. It’s good to try on something small-scale like a song because I’d rather screw up with that than something that has more than a hundred pages.

The goal of the second chapter was to show how close Luciana and Sadie are. This is a friendship-at-first-sight story and I wanted them to be super-close. So I did things like get them drunk and burst into song and dance, and the waxing. I get the feeling that some people will find the two giving each other bikini waxes stupid or superfluous, but they’re only taking the action at face value. I had to show that they’re closer in friendship than most friends while also saying that their relationship isn’t sexual. And the waxing story is true, like a lot of unbelievable things in life. In any case, I felt that I did a good job with writing it and not making it seem at all gratuitous. If you take that interaction out, you lose a dreadfully important set of character detail. And since my stories so far are more character than plot, I need all the detail I can get.

I’m taking a break this week to write a short film script, “For Irony’s Sake”.

I feel sometimes like I’m the Iron Chef of storytelling, taking a bunch of story elements that shouldn’t work and finding a way to. I just need a big hat and an announcer.


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