Mischief of a Débutante

Chapter three’s almost halfway done now. It’s been fun getting into Sadie’s head and using her voice instead of the narrator’s. Descriptives are new and interesting because I’m used to the narrator explaining as much as possible. Sadie wouldn’t bother with all that, so her descriptions of things are more broad. If she bothers to describe at all. I came up with a better ending for the chapter. Much more heartfelt without being sappy. My goal, at least with this novel, is to make the reader feel emotions, strong emotions, but to not make them cry. It’s easy to make someone cry. But to bring them as close to crying as possible with any leakage is a challenge. I have nothing against something making the reader cry, it’s just not challenging to me. Plus I feel that too many things go for the tears these days. So yeah, the non-sappy ending. I want Sadie to open up in a way to Luciana that she hasn’t to anyone before, in a way that Luciana recognizes as a resemblance of herself. I have that moment and I’m well on my way to earning it, but presenting it is another matter. If I write it the wrong way, it’ll get laughed at and that’s something I do not want. I’ll figure it out when I get there, though.

With my recent review and the reviews I’ve gotten, I realized that I’m one of those love-or-almost-like sort of artists. The “fun” will be to see which side of the scale will be more weighted.

As I was writing chapter three, I found out that, among other things, I was writing a Chicago novel. To the point where Sadie essentially gives directions to certain places. It’s been harder to write because of that, but I’m not quite sure why. I almost settled on it being because I’m more inclined to fantasy, fiction, and made-up places. “Lie” was easy to write because although it took place in England, the part of England was made-up. “Nostalgia Season” being a Chicago novel means that people can do tours of chapters. I’ll have to be sure to warn people to not go to certain places, though. They’re a bit… seedy.

I think I found a way to get “Quagmire” made.


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