Sky-Shrapnel and the Big Step

I’ve been wanting to read a book about David Bowie for a while, but it seemed like EVERYONE had an opinion about him and his life. I finally waded through the piles and found the great, revised, and updated “Strange Fascination” by David Buckley. I’m at the “Aladdin Sane” portion and it’s still a fantastic read. It not only talks about Bowie, in a non-tabloid way, it also splits off into non-tabloid tangents about those around him and influences. It’s also been helping me create song titles. Not that I’ve been cribbing from Bowie. Rather, the constant stream of music discovery has kept the brain going. I have… ten, I think, which will be expanded into songs as the year goes on.

This week has been huge for me on the crowdfunding front. I felt a STRONG feeling of dread leading up to me submitting “Quagmire” to Kickstarter. Not for any “I’M DOOMED” reasons. A quote from one of my favorite films, “Kamikaze Girls”, sums me up at that point: “Humans are afraid in the face of true happiness.” We’re weird, aren’t we? To make things further geeky, I was watching “Doctor Who” episodes that involved The Doctor regenerating. Becoming a completely new person after a major event, which is a big reason why the show’s been around for over half a century. Gee, subconscious, you know how to be obvious sometimes.

It feels strange that I’m prepared for the hate to come from “Quagmire”, not positivity. Or rather, it should feel strange.

I had to switch from Kickstarter to IndieGoGo, which was aggravating. I was having problems with setting up the payment thing and called their help center, but I was on hold for too long. If anyone expects your business in the First World, they better answer their phone within a few seconds. And don’t try to convince me the non-American operator is American by making him say his name is “Josh”. Anywho, I migrated my business to IndieGoGo and everything went swimmingly. Except one thing, but that was my fault.

Setting up a campaign, you’re encouraged to make a video. I was prepared for that. I wasn’t prepared to be in it. My original idea was to record my voice and put it in a video with my film’s logo. Brilliant! But I found that it was frowned upon and that the best way to get support was to BE in the video. I’m not the most extroverted person when it comes to being on camera, less so when I have my director hat on. If I had my actor hat on and had to make the video, great. But I’m the director of “Quagmire” and I belong behind the camera, damnit (blah, blah, First-World problem, blah). And I don’t care about supporting someone without a video as long as they otherwise presented themselves as competent. But I’m not the world, and the world wants faces. So I wrote an 90-second script, got my tablet’s camera, and recorded myself. After three hours. With an hour break somewhere in there. And chopping out 30 seconds of script. I wish I was exaggerating. I could NOT get through the first paragraph. I couldn’t think of myself as an actor while I was recording. I was the director and the director belongs behind the camera, and that’s why it was a miserable night. But I broke on through to the other side and created a decent campaign page. Right here: Quagmire: About a Woman and a School Shooting.


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