A Drawing of Tracey, From “Dreams and Things”

I’m proud and not proud of this drawing. This was my third attempt at drawing Tracey today. The first involved starting her off in a shape that looked like a curved 4, but her upper torso wasn’t coming together. The second involved drawing her with her back to us and being pulled by something. Again, upper torso problems. It was weird because I tend to have problems with hands and feet, not an entire hemisphere. Then I moved to something new. I think I’ve only drawn someone sitting in my life, so I liked the challenge. Everything came together, but I’m not satisfied with her hands. I also wanted her to wear pants, but my brain couldn’t process the waist, of all things. I should also look into clothes because thinking of what the characters wear is the longest part of drawing. Well, enough talking.


I’ll get a scanner someday, I swear.


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