Artful Nude No. 1

Back to women today. It’s been ages since I’ve drawn a nude and since I wanna show that I’m not a prude as soon as possible, here she is. A model from Chas Ray Krider’s “Motel Fetish”. It’s from Taschen, which essentially means I can buy it at a bookstore instead of a gas station. Anywho, I chose this model because she didn’t have a pose that’d make me quit halfway through. Dita Von Teese is in the book and I wanted to draw her, but see the previous sentence. I also chose her because of her hands. If you wanna see true negotiation skills, tell an artist to draw hands and watch the loops they’ll go through to talk you out of it. Since I’ll be making at least one comic and animated series, I felt it wise if I got over that hand hump as much as possible. The thing I liked about the model’s hands was that they were at rest, yet active. They weren’t the easy go-tos (clenched fists or in pockets). There’s a close-up because I wanted to show that I drew a nose. Well, enough talking.




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