Breakthroughs and Casualties

There wasn’t a blog last week because I had a lot going on last Friday and by the time I was able to write anything, it was Saturday. I would’ve written something then, but I wanna stick to my routine. Anywho…

I’m putting off writing that BBC thing until February. “Dreams and Things” isn’t yet at a place where I could safely walk away from and return to. Few things are as bad as having a great idea and not being able to finish it. Speaking of that comic, there have been a few breakthroughs. But first: a note about me drawing. I’m still doing them but I’m not posting them because my thoughts about my crappy tablet camera over a scanned I don’t own yet smashed any thoughts of me showing off. Back to “Dreams and Things.”

It occurred to me that, as a Goth, I haven’t created anything remotely Gothic, so my graphic novel will be tinged with it. I mean, since the town it takes place in is fictional, why not embrace the absurd with Gothic flourishes? Why can’t I make up creatures and have them be a normal part of that world? A friend is also working on a comic and it completely escaped me that he’s also mixing the normal with the Grecian mythological. Normally, I’d back away, but his ideas and mine are so different from each other that I don’t feel like I’m stepping on his toes. My idea is very micro and about a friendship falling apart, and his idea is VERY macro. It’d be like if someone said that “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Inception” are ripoffs of each other.

He’s working with a diary framing device, which I also am now, but again: Freddy Krueger vs. Dominic Cobb. I’m using the diary as a way to play with perception vs. reality. Y’know, how some people remember things differently than others, or how they try to alter a story in the telling. That also helped me explain the creatures, because Vicki can take creative license with how people look.

Like I mentioned earlier, my graphic novel is ultimately about a friendship falling apart. I figured that out earlier this week. I’ve wanted to tell that kind of story for a while and it found its way to Vicki and Tracey. I wanted to do something different with how they fall apart, but something real, and it hit me: sometimes people just drift apart.

Something I wanna try when it comes to drawing “Dreams and Things” is collages at certain points. Two comics really encouraged this idea: Brian Wood’s “Channel Zero” and Anya Ulinich’s “Lena Finkle’s Magic Barrel.” They’re very different in how they use collages, but use them in very original ways.

In other comic news, “Birds of Prey” was the first casualty of my comic binge. The writing dipped and someone got the fucking stupid idea to put a man on an all-woman team. I don’t mind a co-ed team, but the whole point of the series was to have a group of women beat up the bad guys. Because otherwise, they’re the token and they’ll more likely than not need saving every issue.


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