The Yearning Hollow

Once upon a happy ending that could never be
Two bodies entwined in solitude escaped one day
And were thrust into each other’s lives: loin, mind, and breast
Turmoil upon turmoil was set upon them with glee
Yet they persevered through tears and jealous skies of gray
Until, in success, they embraced death, ending their quest
Lies for children and those spoiled with immaturity
Hopeful eyes chained to a future so far from dismay
But dismay awaits them… stalks them… taunting their dearest
Tonguing the truth like an exposed nerve: you’ll be lonely
Deny, beg, make yourself the fool… to this truth you shall pray
Loneliness will choke you like curdled molasses

Though your yearning hollow will never be filled. Pity

Rivulets of nectar trickle down its walls and stay
Only able to lure maggots, carrion, the rest
Tumbling through the maw with vigor, yet still you’re empty

Don’t think me a villain, a monster, try as you may
Though I seal this cruel, vile message with a waxen crest
I can speak about said cruelty with clarity
All my life, my hollow has yearned for one so fair, fay
Her eyes of coal or ice, hair of flame or raven’s breath
Her manner, cool or wild… her body, simply pleasing
I want to find her, bury myself in her and play
I want to echo in her hollow, be her loudest
I want to die with her, to have her last thought be me
Before that, a lifetime of, perhaps, halcyon days
All these… vagaries of emotion… my hollow’s jest


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