A Gallows Favor for Her Corpse

As I lie here, dead and wasting away underneath the land
I can’t help but wonder about the life I had planned
About the love my lady-heart hoped that it would meet
And keep them forever… Wouldn’t that have been a feat?
Hopes mixed with blood and clay as I feel the fungus grow

Fingertips are eaten… I’ve lost the will to command
With that and my worm-gnawed knees, I can no longer stand
To be nothing more than a platter of bone and meat
I desire again the sky and to be complete
What’s left of my mind takes me to before my woe

A fresh memory before the rain. I take this strand
And gather what few threads I can before they disband
It’s so hard for the dead, but I won’t accept defeat
I knit and weave and tell myself that I won’t be beat
…my mother is why I’ve been put here below

A mother who asked me to lend her a helping hand
A mother who was sick. I couldn’t toss her demand
A mother who made sure that I stayed off of the street
A mother who, by all accounts, was slightly offbeat
She who made everyone kowtow

But wait: just now, I feel my thoughts grasping to expand
Memories taking me to a place I felt firsthand
A place of agony that does nothing but repeat
Threatens my mother on her throne to make her unseat
Cracks begin to show

A mother who never took the time to understand
A mother whose life buried me dead in mud… in sand
A mother who, with her torments, was not discreet
A mother whose heart, like industry’s claws, was concrete
Malice Overflow

My chewed-up heart is now black, filled with darkness made grand
A rage boils in my veins, warming my hide now tanned
My life is what was payment for her sloth-born deceit
I rise from my ersatz grave to have my vengeful treat


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