A Terrible Feast of Brains, Flesh, and Ecstasy

I cannot feel the air, the dirt, the wood on my skin
And I dare not glimpse what horror the mirror will show
But I am free, and determined to repay my debts

To my killer, the fucking bitch who ended my life
Who bled my hopes and heart into the ghastly rain’s clay
To my mother, the one who took advantage of me
Who sent me into the wicked maelstrom with no choice
To myself, the foolish woman who sought to take care

First… I must end this quaking hunger brewing within

The sense that has not failed me is seduced by perfumes

Of a disemboweled nature and can smell each organ

Each crawl I make, my dragged feet drum across the wood

And then I see it, lifelessly there like I once was
Another victim, bloodied by knives and betrayal

The perfume of her curdled blood… I must lap it all

I rush towards her corpse like a junkie to their fix
My tongue, warped by dryness, laps up her blood… not enough
Her flesh… My craving pulls me close to her cold, dead flesh
My fingertips, eaten to the bone, claw into her
And though I furiously tear her into pieces
My arms are much too weak to give my mouth its reward
So I slurp the ruddy strips off of the wooden floor
And take her murder as a true act of sustenance

Soon, since my perversion of science isn’t enough
All my senses snap alive and I am on fire

My gurgled screams match the strength of my… my beating heart?

My wails lure my murderess, who can’t believe her eyes

She drops to the wood, convulsing as she grips her chest
I rush to my heroin and prepare my next fix
I welcome the mirror that’s the terror on her face
So familiar it is to me, I almost giggle

“Oh no no, death will not take you quickly, my precious,”
I croak as I plunge my warm hand into her wet breast

I massage her filthy heart to the beat it once had
As I feast on her body, as I regrow myself

Though my tender touch keeps her living after each bite
I grow weary of her, and so go in for the kill
I start at her lips, and crunch my way through to her brain
Which takes me to a delight that comes with humps and thrusts
I am complete again, and ready for my next debt


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