Greetings and Glory

Rathan Krueger here, welcoming you to the start of a beautiful relationship twixt the entertainment industry and me. It and I won’t always agree, and there will be dark times… but that’s what a healthy relationship should be about. Ups, downs, all-arounds, and surprises.

On other parts of the site, you’ll be able to catch me flirting with short films and going on the first date that is WAKE UP ALONE. “Preludes to WAKE UP ALONE” will take you to three world-expanding short films about the feature; “Slivers” has two short films I made last year (about two friends hanging out, and about an alliterative lovesick lady); “2,000 Year Diary” contains what passes for an autobio. Subscribe to my mailing list and find me on Twitter (@DarknessOpera) to find out if I get kissed after dinner.


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