Preludes to WAKE UP ALONE

While preparing WAKE UP ALONE, I thought it’d be interesting to make short films that introduced the characters. I debated making a trailer, then I realized that these do the better job. There were originally shorts for each character, but I chose to narrow the focus onto these three since the feature revolves around them.

May is the main character and the cause of all the Sturm und Drang in WAKE UP ALONE. Let her tell you why.

Trouble is May’s imaginary friend who is thrust back into her life. Like Collage sang, she’ll be loving her all her life. She doesn’t bust out that song, but she does sing a little ditty while she rants about her friend.

Spring is Trouble’s imaginary friend, keeping her company in the time that May went on with her life, and is understandably hurt when her friend rushes away like a puppy. Here, she mourns her loss and accepts what she feels she needs to do.

Thanks a bunch for watching.

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