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The Poetics of May

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At the start of last month, I started a new creative exercise. The day before, I write three words, all stream-of-consciousness. The next day, I force myself to write a poem about them, then leave three new words for the morrow. It’s been an interesting and challenging thing that I’m continuing this month. Keeps me creatively fit as well as prepares me for the day a decade or so from now when I add being a musician to my renaissance list. I was also inspired slightly by Emily Dickinson and her absurd pile of poetry. Here are some of my favorites.

May 6th, 2017 (mistreatment, locomotive, stars)

The engine grinds them
Sinews and gristle snag and snap twixt the gears
Atomized blood a steady cloud
The squeal comes from voices, not brakes
The flames of combustion
Fanned by adoring hearts
All for a magazine cover

May 8th, 2017 (tape, repetition, clouds)

Rhapsody on strips
Unbelievably high on currents
Noticed only by aviary beasts
Rooted in their confusion
Utmost and plentiful
Nature despises the laboratory
Rushing past abominations
Undulating through condensations
Nary one makes it alive

May 11th, 2017 (breasts, graphite, Spain)

Nights of nuclear paint under ultraviolet light
Swimming with sweat, sex, and sounds of the vox populi
Ibiza reigns and rains with no trace of soudade
Her endowments glow bare and bright, and I am grateful
I woke to her number near a pencil, not the stairs

May 20th, 2017 (blood, clay, apathy)

As you mold coldly twixt my fingertips
I notice you are the only feeling
That exists about me
The sanguine flow within
Stiff as you in contradiction
If only it went beyond hyperbole
I finish and we look the clown

May 22nd, 2017 (upside-down, clitoris, jagged line)

A thousand threads
Pierce through the dark
Suspending barriers
Decorated with chevrons
A giggle of wind
Makes millions of threads soar inverted
Lighting the way for a break in time
To your tangled plain
And tender hill

May 24th, 2017 (fire, disappointment, sane)

You may take purchase
Of finer banalities
But make no mistake
You play in a holocaust of vanity
Each singeing lick
A memento of mischance and apathy
As you make your bedlam
As you fade away

May 25th, 2017 (silence, wires, grain)

The world is chaos and phlem
Tangled in pulsing currents of now
Sent to the mill to be pulverized into acceptance
‘Til the quietness of your still heart reigns

May 28th, 2017 (addiction, chainsaw, well)

Screeching down mildewed walls of stone
Brick by brick, descending into cylindrical darkness
But for the sparking interruptions
Deeper and deeper I sink
Regretfully… greedily
‘Til the water blankets me
However, serenity loves a taunt
Thus I’m denied my final splash
Still I fall, still I reach, still I fall

May 31st, 2017 (Pocky, slide, thunderstorm)

The tumultuous sky spits upon us
And lashes out with forked tongues
Onto those conductors electric
Some unfortunate ones are planted in playgrounds
Ladders attached for clamoring hands
Leading to plummeting surfaces
And woodchips crackling undertow
A sated child watches
As they nibble on Japanese delights


The Yearning Hollow

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Once upon a happy ending that could never be
Two bodies entwined in solitude escaped one day
And were thrust into each other’s lives: loin, mind, and breast
Turmoil upon turmoil was set upon them with glee
Yet they persevered through tears and jealous skies of gray
Until, in success, they embraced death, ending their quest
Lies for children and those spoiled with immaturity
Hopeful eyes chained to a future so far from dismay
But dismay awaits them… stalks them… taunting their dearest
Tonguing the truth like an exposed nerve: you’ll be lonely
Deny, beg, make yourself the fool… to this truth you shall pray
Loneliness will choke you like curdled molasses

Though your yearning hollow will never be filled. Pity

Rivulets of nectar trickle down its walls and stay
Only able to lure maggots, carrion, the rest
Tumbling through the maw with vigor, yet still you’re empty

Don’t think me a villain, a monster, try as you may
Though I seal this cruel, vile message with a waxen crest
I can speak about said cruelty with clarity
All my life, my hollow has yearned for one so fair, fay
Her eyes of coal or ice, hair of flame or raven’s breath
Her manner, cool or wild… her body, simply pleasing
I want to find her, bury myself in her and play
I want to echo in her hollow, be her loudest
I want to die with her, to have her last thought be me
Before that, a lifetime of, perhaps, halcyon days
All these… vagaries of emotion… my hollow’s jest

Walkin’ to My Door, Here She Comes

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Nothing much to report on the “Lie” front except that I’m still doing my self-promotion. Later today, I’ll sign up for a Goodkindles ad. They found me on Twitter and as “Robocop” taught me, you gotta spend money to make money. It also taught me to take the stairs. I’ve also got a few friends reading “Lie” so I can get some reviews on sites like Amazon. If anyone would like to read a free copy and review my eBook for a site, I’d be greatly appreciative.

“Tangle Core” and “Murderhounds”. “Tangle Core” and “Murderhounds”. “Murderhounds” is still becoming the harder one to write, and I figured out why yesterday. “Tangle Core” is about two tortured folk. If there’s anything I know, it’s torment. “Murderhounds” is… a bloody popcorn festival. The “problem” is that I don’t wanna treat it like a typical popcorn horror flick. I want the villains to have genuine relationships with each other, for instance. That doesn’t come from an “all characters must be three-dimensional” place because I don’t feel that way at all. Which is why the victims will be pretty two-dimensional. Two-dimensional doesn’t mean boring, just that what you see is what you get. But back to the Murderhounds. I guess the roles of dimensionality are swapped here. Anywho. When I was coming home from seeing “Elysium” (which I hope you all do sometime soon), I got the crazy idea to give each of the Murderhounds a theme song. The film and the idea have nothing to do with each other, it’s just the way the mind works (when it wants to). The best way to describe Lucy is a Gothic Lolita with a giant cleaver. So, in my atypical nature, of course I gravitated to Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” [NSFW]. I can’t tell you how giddy I was when that clicked. Partially because I LOVE the visual of a Goth-Loli running around with that song playing. But also because it clued me into her personality, something I didn’t have a clear idea of until that ride home. It takes a very special person to exist with that criteria. Yesterday, I figured out what the other two characters’ themes were. One’s more typical with the genre and the other’s more typical with the character, both are great choices. I also thought it’d be fun to have songs mix with each other when more than one Murderhound is onscreen. Y’know, a mashup.

I’m preparing my first music video these next two weeks. I have a song from a musician that I’m gonna listen to over and over and over again until I know more about it than most ever will. That’ll help when it comes to plan how it’ll look. After two weeks, rehearsals’ll start and a while after that, I shoot.

Have some time to kill? Why not read the first four chapters of my very first novel. It’s titled “Lie” and it’s by me, Rathan Krueger. It’s about four women who go on a getaway to help one of their own through a rough patch. It was described to me recently as a modern “Little Women”, but methinks that was for giggles. If those chapters tickled your fancy, pick up “Lie” for only $1.99 wherever eBooks are sold. Thanks.